Getting Brands Battle-Ready: Brand Vandalism in the Digital Age Breakfast Seminar

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  1. Examples: relevant examples of sabotage attacks on brand reputation and how brands have responded.
  2. Best practice: how best to engage brands with audiences using modern media in ways that can reduce reputational risk.
  3. Models: how communications teams can best be applied to the challenge, and what their qualities should be.

About Steve Earl:

Steve Earl is the co-author of Brand Anarchy (2012) and Managing Director of the European region of Zeno Group, a global public relations agency. Informed by his experience on the front lines of the modern media revolution, Steve’s most recent book - #BrandVandals - takes a deep dive into the new reality facing all companies – the heightened risk of brand vandalism in the Digital Age.

Social media has given consumers a powerful voice to keep companies accountable and responsible. But what if those individual voices turn rogue - attacking brands irresponsibly?  #BrandVandals is the answer to “How bad can it get? What can I do about it?” Through real-life company case studies across diverse segments - from CPG to tech to non-profit to professional services - Steve will share what works – and what doesn’t – in protecting brand identity. From developing an early-warning system and responding appropriately to attacks to turning negatives into positives and getting your communications right the first time, hear best practices used by the world’s most respected companies and PR agencies.

Begins:Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 8:00am
Ends:Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 10:00am

Loyola Quinlan School of Business
1 East Pearson
Chicago, IL


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