Mapping Consumer Needs: A New Paradigm for Digital with Rick Chavez from Microsoft

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In this session, Microsoft’s Rick Chavez, Chief Solutions Officer of the Microsoft Advertising and Consumer Monetization Business Group, will share the key insights from Microsoft’s latest study titled: Mapping Consumer Needs: A New Paradigm for Digital.

This study provides a framework for understanding consumer behavior and the motivations underlying them. We believe that this framework can help marketers address the complexity and ROI challenges by "going to the source" of demand: people, their needs and goals, and their increasing power in getting more of what they want in a digital world.  

Rick will lead a discussion about how these insights can translate to a new wave of marketing campaigns that are more effective and measurable, with examples drawn from inside and outside Microsoft.

About Rick Chavez

Rick Chavez, GM Marketing Solutions, Microsoft

Rick Chavez is an innovator with two decades of experience at the forefront of the digital revolution. His experiences range across a wide range of organizations — from pure start-up ventures through to $80 billion global corporations — as senior executive, advisor and Board member.

During his career and across these roles, he has guided growth and innovation strategies and incubation programs at companies and organizations that include Adobe, American Express, D&B, Fox Home Entertainment, Kinko’s (now part of FedEx), Microsoft, University of Michigan, WalMart, and Yahoo! Rick currently leads strategy for the monetization business and serves as Chief Solutions Officer for Microsoft Advertising.

He is responsible for leading strategy and initiatives that deliver innovative marketing solutions to global corporations, with a particularly deep focus on the future of digital advertising and digital business model innovation in a multi-screen world that leverages Big Data and advanced analytics. He is the founder of Microsoft’s Solution Studio 415.

Rick Chavez is an author and frequent keynote speaker on the topic of the future of advertising at major conferences, with views shared across a wide range of publications and events, including AdWeek, Ad:Tech, ARF Re:Think, and Cannes Lions.

Begins:Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 11:00am
Ends:Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 1:30pm

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