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12:00 - 1:00pm Gather / Light Lunch
1:00 - 1:05pm

Opening Remarks

Tom Stein
Chairman and Chief Client Officer

Board of Directors and Executive Committee Member, BMA NYC

1:05 - 1:10pm


Steve Chadwick
Director - Digital Experience: SMB

Board of Directors, BMA NYC

1:10 - 1:50pm


Taking Control of Human Energy

Tony Schwartz
CEO and Founder
The Energy Project

Many know Tony Schwartz as co-author of Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” and for his candid and intimate insights on Mr. Trump’s suitability for the presidency. Many know Tony from his New York Times bestsellers, “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” and “The Power of Full Engagement” and his frequent appearances on CBS This Morning speaking about the workplace. Some know Tony for his company, The Energy Project, and its groundbreaking work with clients such Google, Nestle, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Kaiser Permanente, Facebook and Alcoa.  The focus of this work is to help these organizations and other fuel the internal capacity of their workforce.
In physics, energy is defined as “the capacity to do work.” It’s the same in organizations. In this session, Tony will suggest that the most fundamental responsibility of any Chief Marketing Officer is to also serve as a Chief Energy Officer. That means mobilizing, focusing, inspiring and sustaining the energy of those you lead –  first by skillfully managing your own energy and, second, by helping to manage the members of your team.
The challenge each of us face, however, is not just how to be more effective and productive at work, but also how to lead more whole and meaningful lives. In this talk, Tony will also introduce for the first time The Human Energy Project, a movement designed to help people rethink and redesign their lives, by tapping more of their inner resources – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and in doing do redesign the world

(And yes, Tony will take questions on his interactions with Donald Trump!)

1:55 - 3:20pm



Structuring High-Performing Organizations: The Heart of B2B Marketing Transformation

Jennifer Ross
Service Director, Marketing Leadership Strategies

As many as 85% of the CMOs who participated in SiriusDecisions’ annual global CMO study indicated they are planning to make changes to the structure of their marketing organizations. This is indicative of a need for marketing leaders to ensure that they have the right organizational structure and competencies in place to address evolving buyer and customer behaviors and expectations, as well as to support the changing needs of their businesses.

In this session, SiriusDecisions’ Jennifer Ross will share organizational design considerations that are crucial for ensuring that changes are aligned to business objectives and lead to improved performance. Specifically, this session will explore:

  • Key trends driving organizational change for B2B marketing
  • Emerging functions and roles
  • A best-in-class approach for organizational design
  • The types of shifts occurring in B2B marketing organizational structures
  • The marketing roles and skills that are most in demand
  • Resource distribution between, global, regional and local teams

Marketing’s Transformational Journey:  Tips from the Front Lines

Deirdre Bigley

Sharon Driscoll
CMO, Client Segments
As Jennifer Ross will present, organizational change can be challenging and take time as new methods are optimized in an ever-changing environment. How is this actually taking shape “on the ground”? Hear from Deirdre Bigley, CMO of Bloomberg, and Sharon Driscoll, CMO of Client Segments at IBM, who will share first-hand stories of how they are driving transformation across their global teams. Learn some of the practices of highly respected brands and growth leaders within the industry. Hear how organizing collaboration across specific roles to ensure efficiency and innovation is paramount to success in the new world of marketing.

3:20 - 3:35pm


3:35 - 4:15pm


Organizational Culture: Seven Keys to Revenue Growth

Todd Kaiser
Senior Director, Marketing Insights Strategist

Organizational culture can drive or hinder growth - while some marketers flourish in companies with successful cultures, others are thwarted by siloed, uncollaborative organizations.  What separates these types of organizations and how can marketers change their culture to succeed?  The ANA partnered with GfK to uncover how marketers view their current organizations and how culture can be a strategy for success. To help B2B marketers improve organizational culture and drive revenue growth, the ANA identified seven specific actions marketers can take.

4:20 - 4:50pm


Creativity:  Management's New Bedfellow

Clark Scheffy
Managing Director, San Francico
Creative confidence and creative capability are more than just wild ideas and brainstorms. They have migrated from their former relegation in marketing or "make it pretty" aesthetics to their current importance in the C-suite as a key strategic concern of today's most successful companies.

In this session, Clark Scheffy, from the acclaimed global design firm IDEO, will address how creativity is a companion to great management that optimizes organizations for what they know to be true. Clark will make the case that creativity is the skill that envisions the future for an organization.

Importantly, creativity is not just about great ideas. Like other skills, it requires rigor, training and experience. Clark’s presentation will dispel some myths about what creativity is, and present his thinking on how to hire for it, how to measure and value it, how to support it with your culture, and why it’s so important. In addition, Clark will look at the role the creative agency will play in the future, from “doer” to “enabler” of creative confidence and capability of clients.

4:50 - 5:00pm Closing Remarks
5:15 - 6:15pm Networking Reception

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