About the G.D. Crain Jr. Award

The G. D. Crain Award is named in honor of the founder of Crain Communications and one of the founders of the Business Marketing Association. Created in 1969, the annual award recognizes a BMA member for career achievement in business-to-business marketing and exceptional service to the advancement of the association at the national level.

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Honoree Benefits
The G.D. Crain Award carries with it election to the BMA Hall of Fame and an honorarium from the Crain Foundation.

Use of Honorarium
Award recipients may use designated funds at their discretion to enhance or further develop the field of business marketing at large.

Nominees for the G.D. Crain Award must have been a BMA member for a minimum of three (3) years. Under exceptional circumstances this can be waived by the Board of Directors.

The G. D. Crain Award requires that the candidate has volunteered significant, extended, and arduous effort on behalf of the BMA by:

  • Improving the profession's effectiveness and stature in the marketing and business community
  • Holding a position of elected or nominated office at the national level
  • Scholarship (writings) that demonstrate effective leadership in business-to-business marketing
  • May also submit newspaper articles, clippings, photographs, and additional materials as part of the nomination packet. Please do not send originals, as these materials will not be returned.
  • Being an advocate for the association and mentoring members

The nominator (candidates may not be self-nominated) will provide a package to the G. D. Crain Award committee consisting of the following:

  • Candidate name, title, company/organization name
  • BMA credentials: Length of membership; positions held at chapter and national level
  • Professional history (employer, years of employment, duties, accomplishments)
  • Accomplishments in B-to-B marketing: achievements, awards, etc.
  • Letters of support, provided by the nominator and at least two other supporters. Supporting letters may be included in this packet or arrive under separate cover. These letters are limited to two pages, and should provide:
    • Name of nominator/supporter
    • Brief (two paragraphs or less) professional background of nominator/supporter
    • Basis of knowledge about the candidate
    • Evaluation of the candidate as a G.D. Crain Award winner

Selection of the G.D. Crain Award shall be made by the members of the G. D. Crain Award committee, which consists of the immediate past winner of the G.D. Crain Award, a representative from the Crain organization, the BMA recognition chair, and up to two board members appointed by the national chairman.