BMA/Associate ANA Member Benefits

The purpose of this is to outline the benefits BMA members will have as Associate Members of ANA. BMA/Associate ANA members are those BMA members not eligible for full ANA membership.  They are not client-side marketers, but agencies, researchers, suppliers, media companies, etc. ANA membership by charter is made up of only client-side marketers.

BMA/Associate ANA Member Benefits

1. Conferences – ANA host two kinds of conferences, industry and Members Only Regional conferences

  • ANA will host 10 national conferences in 2015 – BMA/Associates are invited to attend any of these conferences and register at the individual ANA member rate (a discount from the non-member rate).
  • We expect to host 34 Members Only Regional conferences in 2015 – of which 3 will be designated ANA B-to-B Regional Conferences Presented by BMA

2. Webinars – ANA hosts a weekly webinar series on a variety of branding and marketing topics. BMA/Associate ANA Members are invited to register and attend these webinars. They can do so individually or as a team (a group watching together).  ANA’s Wednesday Webinars are broadcast at 1:00 PM ET most weeks (not on holiday weeks).

  • Those who register for ANA’s Webinars will have the opportunity to listen to industry leaders from the comfort of their office. The real value of these webinars is that they offer BMA/ANA Associate members the chance to tap the wealth of ANA generated marketing insights easily and at no cost.

3. Training – this is one of the keys to growth.  A recent ANA study surfaced the fact that companies who train three or more times per year are more likely to excel and achieve their growth objectives.  BMA/ANA Associate Members are invited to attend ANA’s training at ANA member pricing.

  • ANA individual training:
  • For professionals who want to elevate their marketing skills to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.  ANA School of Marketing has a number of innovative learning solutions, which include one- or two-day individual training sessions — all taught in university-like class settings.
  • Team training
  • Onsite workshops taught by expert marketing practitioners with hands-on business experience and success. They will not only challenge you to think differently, but will also teach you cutting-edge skills and processes to make your team more efficient and effective marketers.
  • The School of Marketing expert industry practitioners elevate our training as we focus on current trends and best practices. Importantly participants learn the principles for successful processes and strategies through case studies and team exercises that are immediately actionable because ANA offers:
  • Hands-on lessons from industry-hardened expert facilitators
  • Cutting-edge techniques to help you succeed
  • Real life insights you can apply to your marketing the very same day
  • Ownable skills you can use to improve your organization

4. Publications – ANA will begin publishing BtoB Magazine in 2015.  All BMA members will receive a copy of what we expect to be an industry groundbreaking publication. In addition, BMA/Associate Members will continue to have access to the BMA Buzz and Smart Brief. BMA members will also be invited to scribe to ANA’s Smart Brief. We expect to product other BtoB publications/newsletters; when they are, BMA members will automatically receive complimentary copies.

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