Chicago's Member Recognition Awards

2012–2013 Member Recognition Chapter Awards
presented by Linda McGovern, BMA president, 2012–13 at the September 2013 Luncheon

New Member of the Year

Chris Payne
Vice President of Business Development/Producer, Resolution

Although our new member of the year joined last summer, his company has been involved with the BMA for several years. When he joined, he recognized that his company could bring more value and make more of an impact by elevating the president’s messages and giving more flavor to our video productions. He has immersed himself on the Programs committee recommending speakers and topics, which further proves his dedication to the B-to-B community. His extensive background in event and broadcast production continues to wow his clients like USG and I have personally had the pleasure of getting to know him over the course of last year and I couldn’t be more pleased to thank and congratulate Chris Payne from Resolutions Productions Group as our New Member of the Year.

Member of the Year

Omar Albertelli
VP of National Accounts and Customer Success, Revenew

Our member of the year has a long list of technology expertise that dates back to the late ’80s. Since then, he spent a significant time at one of the most historic mobile companies, Motorola, until just a few years ago. He has been a BMA member since 2009, and each year he finds new ways to participate and engage through committee work or attending Member and Speaker dinners. We can always count on him to add great insight and perspective as well as a few good stories. A native of New York but now a Chicagoan at heart, please join me in thanking Omar Albertelli from Revenew.

Board Member of the Year

Brian Krause
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Molex

Next, I would like to recognize our Board Member of the Year. In just a few short years of being on the board, this board member has gone from attending one or two dinners a year to attending almost every luncheon. He generously graced our luncheon stage not once but twice in back-to-back years, giving us insights on innovation and marketing automation. A veteran of Molex for more than 20 years, he has proved his success and continues to expand the company in his role there as vice president of marketing and communications. I also know he is a seasoned and award-winning Muskee fisherman, so I’m hoping to get some tips to pass along to my kids for our next vacation. Please join me in thanking and congratulating Brian Krause, your current BMA EVP. You’ll be seeing a lot from him!!

Proud Award Recipient

Mary Wolf
President, Wolf Pack Consulting

In 1986 the Chicago Chapter of the Business Marketing Association established The Proud Award. Since then, 26 dedicated BMA members have received the honor. The Proud Award is the most prestigious honor granted by the Chicago BMA. It is meant to recognize exceptional and continual contributions of time and expertise to the work of the Association over many years. In other words, it honors those who have made a lasting difference.

Some people splash into an organization and make an impression. Others enter silently through a side door and quietly make their big impression. This year’s Proud Award recipient is someone who has quietly made a profound impact on the success of BMA in Chicago and the national organization as well.

She joined the BMA a decade ago. She jumped into a critical role on the Biz Bash Auction team and over the years contributed greatly to the success of the event.

Impeccably honest and thorough, this year’s honoree is a consummate problem-solver, and the BMA has certainly benefitted from this. She began her affiliation with B-to-B marketing on the agency side with Slack Barshinger & Partners, but in a role different from traditional B-to-B marketing. In 2000 she became chief operating officer of B2BWorks, a digital media start-up. Then in 2003 she founded her own firm, Wolf Pack, and has provided accounting services to many small and mid-sized firms ever since. The BMA has been fortunate to have her as part of our team.

And maybe we’ve misjudged the “quiet” side of this year’s recipient, for she is a great lover of salsa music and dancing.

As the BMA has learned, when you tap our Proud Award honoree, Mary Wolf, for something, it gets taken care of and taken care of well.

Please join me in honoring Mary Wolf.

Previous Proud Award Recipients

2012: Michael Krauss
2011: Mary Uhrina
2010: George Stenitzer, CBC
2009: Gary Slack, CBC
2008: Gordon Hochhalter
2007: William Creighton, CBC
2006: Larry Zar
2005: Robert Goranson, CBC
2004: Ken Crowhurst
2003: William Pohlman, CBC
2002: Stanton J. Bond, CBC
2001: Nancy Creighton
2000: Paul Lesher, CBC
1999: Gan Avery, CBC
1998: Sari Lipschultz
1997: Frank W. Callahan
1996: Lorrie Grime, CBC
1995: Robert W. Moore, CBC
1994: Robert E. Campbell, CBC
1993: Richard C. Christian
1992: William J. Fick, CBC
1991: Charles A. Goding, CBC
1990: Tak Matsui
1989: Daniel B. Kennedy, CBC
1988: Rick Kean, CBC
1987: Alan I. Hurd, CBC
1986: Arthur F. Ceckowski, CBC

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