About Us

There’s marketing, and then there’s marketing in New York. A massive concentration of companies huge, large, less large and up-and-coming. Financial services. Tech. Professional services. Healthcare. Everything. A huge concentration of innovation, expertise and talent, too. The best brands make it here, or don’t make it anywhere. The best agencies. The best media companies. The best martech companies. The best. Period.

That’s what the NYC Chapter is about. Helping the great get greater. Sharing ideas from the epicenter. Connecting people to opportunity. Giving back and gaining more. We develop and organize amazing programs and networking opportunities for our amazing community of business marketers. From mentoring up-and-comers at the helm of what’s next, to providing access to game-changing people and companies that accelerate careers, skills, and connections, the NYC Chapter is B2B marketing in New York.

NYC Chapter Board Advisors of Young Professionals

The NYC Chapter Advisory Board delivers a unique opportunity for young professionals in business and marketing to build relationships with like-minded professionals, and shape their career futures through enriching educational and experiential opportunities, up-to-date information and ideas on new and developing products, innovative campaigns, and essential business news. We believe that success and strong relationships are dependent on honesty, trust, respect, and fun—these are the foundations of our community bond.

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