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Agency Client Relations

Featured Article
Apply the 5R Rule in Your Business to Create Loyal Clients and Customers for Life
In an ever competitive and changing business world, one of the most profitable things you can do is to decrease your customer or client defection rate.  It doesn’t matter what industry or profession you are in. In fact, you should be downright mad when you lose a customer.

Loyalty - How to Win Devotion From Your Customers
Everybody is talking about loyalty nowadays. It is not that customer satisfaction has fallen by the wayside; rather it is that businesses recognize that a satisfied customer isn't necessarily a loyal one.  
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Business Advertising Sales LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Business Advertising Sales

Agency/Client Relationships LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Guidelines for Maintaining Healthy Agency/Client Relationships

Networking Know How: Make Your Connections Count LOGIN REQUIRED
Networking is not collecting business cards. Networking is creating a pool of sources from which you can draw clients, resources, referrals and opportunities.

Marketer, Advisor, Partner, Confidant… LOGIN REQUIRED
The Unique Nature of Business Marketers’ Client Relationships.

Great Clients Get The Best Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
There are two axioms that every corporate CEO, vice president of marketing, director of communications and agency head should have hanging on the wall.

Ad Approvals: Developing a Win-Win Situation LOGIN REQUIRED
Most ad agencies feel that only a few clients allow them to do their best work. And clients often say there's room for improvement. This creates one of the biggest battlefields between advertisers and agencies: The subject of creative approvals.

Clients are from Mars, Agencies are from Venus LOGIN REQUIRED
The relationships between men and women are matches made in heaven compared to the hellish nightmare that often describes the bond between clients and their ad agencies

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