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Featured Article
Brand Health Check-In: How Executives Are Managing Brand Health
There really are no unique products or services today. In many sectors, competition is fierce - made even more so by the current state of the economy, as consumers tighten their belts and make purchasing decisions discriminately.

Tough Branding Questions for Turbulent Times
It is time to ask tough questions about brands and branding.  The global economy is struggling and companies across industries are fighting to simply survive.  For many organizations, the main issue is no longer the pace of growth, the issue is avoiding default.
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Turn Your Brand Inside Out for Deep and Lasting Relationships with Employees and Customers LOGIN REQUIRED
Today you don’t have to look far to see big, recognizable brands that are seemingly self destructing. Whether it is Tropicana’s campaign and packaging blunders or the alleged greed of financial giant AIG, these once great brands are losing not only there luster, but the constituents that made them great.

Brand Tune-Ups for Tough Times LOGIN REQUIRED
2008 presented fundamental brand building challenges, and based on who you listen to, 2009 may result in as many or more.  GE CEO Jeff Immelt has discussed the current economic crisis as a “reset” creating profound changes in what businesses stand for and how they approach accountability.

Marketing on the Inside - Engaging Your Employees to Deliver Your Brand's Promise LOGIN REQUIRED
Using proven marketing techniques internally, you can increase employees’ buy-in to your company’s ideas, values, and initiatives.  In a sense, “sell” your brand’s promise to your employees – just as you’re marketing your product and services to your customers.

Direct Marketing: Where Message Meets Measure LOGIN REQUIRED
For many B2B marketers, the recent trend toward building their brand can mean pulling budget from product-focused marketing initiatives that directly drive response or purchase. All too often branding is treated as a mutually exclusive marketing strategy set distinctly apart from the response-based strategies used in product- or solution-focused marketing efforts.

Businesses Don't Have Experiences, People Do LOGIN REQUIRED
The term “business-to-business” works well for describing industrial business models, but obscures an important marketing reality: Businesses don’t have experiences, people do.

"Brand building" is the latest “buzz” word in B2B marketing. But it is not new.

Personal Branding - Your Key to Corporate Stardom LOGIN REQUIRED

Using a Personal Brand to Create a Competitive Advantage

Operationalizing the Brand LOGIN REQUIRED
Bringing It to Life Internally Strengthens Brand and Business.

Custom Publishing Strategy LOGIN REQUIRED
Building Brand Loyalty and Increasing Return

Building Trusted Brands Requires More “Left Brain” Thinking LOGIN REQUIRED
Most brand failures are not the result of poor quality creative work, but an unclear understanding of what matters most to customers.

Wag the Tagline: The Rhetoric of Brand Messaging LOGIN REQUIRED
The news proclaiming the demise of the tagline has been greatly exaggerated. As a matter of fact, the tagline is alive and well – just grossly underappreciated.

A Good Name is Better Than Riches LOGIN REQUIRED
Do’s and Don’ts when selecting a new brand, product, or service name.

Making Brands Work LOGIN REQUIRED
You don't have to ask the toothpaste how it feels when you want to change its brand identity. But when organizations are involved, the brand stands for people.

Making Your Old Brand New LOGIN REQUIRED
How a Memorable Tagline Can Reinvigorate Your Brand.

Why Corporate Images Die a Slow Death LOGIN REQUIRED
When sleek world class corporate images go up in flames like ENRON, WorldCom, GlobalCrossing, and start looking badly charred like ENWRONG, WorldCon, DoubleCrossing.... then it's time to call the gate-keepers of corporate identity on a red carpet.

What's Your Brand? LOGIN REQUIRED
Branding seems to be all the rage these days. But what does it mean, and how do you benefit? What is a brand?

Are You Managing Your Personal Brand? LOGIN REQUIRED
Your personal brand can have a real impact on your success and there are some implications for your personal life as well. Do a little brand audit.

What is Branding? What's all the fuss? LOGIN REQUIRED
The hottest topic around in technology marketing is branding. The attention it is getting even surpasses other popular concepts such as one-to-one marketing, integrated communications and ROI.

High Tech Brand Building LOGIN REQUIRED
"Brand building" is the latest buzz word in high tech marketing. But it is not new. The truth is, brand building has been around forever.

Strong Brands Equal Marketing Muscle LOGIN REQUIRED
Here's how to build a strong brand with limited spending.

10 Ways to a Bad Business Name LOGIN REQUIRED
Looking to create more hurdles to your company’s success? One of the easiest ways is to misstep from the outset with a name for your company that won’t resonate with your customers.

The Economy Masked Our Sins LOGIN REQUIRED
The saying goes that if you didn’t make money in the nineties you won't ever. Unfortunately for many companies, the boom didn’t last. And when the gold rush ended, it exposed fatal flaws that ruined more than one good idea.

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing? LOGIN REQUIRED
Mitchell Gooze, President of The Customer Manufacturing Group, helps address the question - "to spend or not to spend."

Coolness Still Doesn't Pay LOGIN REQUIRED
Consumer advertising neither attempts nor accomplishes any of the objectives of B-to-B. Where good B-to-B advertising is informative, consumer is almost wholly manipulative

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