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Featured Article
What It Takes to Win with Customers
Amazing things happen when an organization begins to think first about how it can improve its customers’ lives.

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Differentiation LOGIN REQUIRED
One of the most important questions a company can ask itself is what is our differentiation? The reason is simple: it’s how you define yourself in the minds of your customers and beat the competition.

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers? LOGIN REQUIRED
Most businesses today understand that building a loyal customer base is crucial to compete and grow. Departments and programs to support a more customer-centric corporate culture are blooming from the org charts with names like, “Voice of the Customer,” “Customer Experience,” and “Customer Insights.”

Back to Basics: Media Placements Rule LOGIN REQUIRED
During the height of the gold rush, public relations agencies held the cards and were able to pick and choose exactly whom they wanted to work with.

Managing Communications by Managing Sales Leads LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper: Managing Communications by Managing Sales Leads - Sales lead success proves the value of communications programs

What Communicators Must Know LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - What Communicators Must Know About the Marketing of Services and Intangible Products

The Steak Behind the Sizzle LOGIN REQUIRED
Effective Marketing Using White Papers

Networking for Introverts LOGIN REQUIRED
If you're an introvert like me, just the thought of networking can make you want to dive for cover. Yet, like it or not, when you're out of work, networking is the single most effective way to find a new position.

Networking Know How: Make Your Connections Count LOGIN REQUIRED
Networking is not collecting business cards. Networking is creating a pool of sources from which you can draw clients, resources, referrals and opportunities.

Four Keys to Clearer Communication LOGIN REQUIRED
Before you jump into a conversation, consider the outcome you hope to gain from it. Too many times, we just start talking without specific goals for the conversation.

Developing Marketing/Communications Strategy LOGIN REQUIRED
If you are uncomfortable with the return on the bucks you put into ads and mailers and websites and shows and literature and whatever, chances are the culprit is the absence of a strong marketing/communications strategy.

Straight From the Hart LOGIN REQUIRED
Insights to remember for personal and professional achievement.

B2B Marketers Need to Think Sales LOGIN REQUIRED
To succeed on the B2B side, marketing/communications people need to see their job as one of making the sales force more efficient.

The Sameness Problem LOGIN REQUIRED
Rare is the month when somebody doesn't ask us to go to Herculean lengths to establish our bona fides. Have you done work for a business process consulting firm before?

Marketer, Advisor, Partner, Confidant… LOGIN REQUIRED
The Unique Nature of Business Marketers’ Client Relationships.

Honest to a Fault? LOGIN REQUIRED
How many times have you read a piece of marketing communications copy that makes lofty statements about the honesty or ethics of the company that produced it?

Giving good media to build your business.                

Make A Commitment To Communication LOGIN REQUIRED
Three Keys To Enhancing Skills

Is Your Communications Program Ready? LOGIN REQUIRED
Is Your Communications Program Ready To Be Audited? What is a Communications Audit?

What Should Communicators Be Like? LOGIN REQUIRED
Should Communicators Be More Like Foxes Or Hedgehogs?

How to Put Marketing Into Your Communications LOGIN REQUIRED
I love to see what others in our field produce. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that it's interesting to do so.

Developing a Customized Communication Strategy LOGIN REQUIRED
All customers are not the same. This is no revelation. But do you exploit these customer differences to get the most out of your communication program? You should.

So Your Leading a Sales Meeting LOGIN REQUIRED
You have attended scores of them. Probably even a few this week. And for some reason, the thought of sitting in on another one leaves you nauseated. They're called meetings and they're an integral part of business life.

The Need for Feedback LOGIN REQUIRED
Feedback is a marketing tool worth its weight in gold if mined consistently and effectively.

The Power of Well-Asked Questions LOGIN REQUIRED
Out of the hundreds of words you and I use on a daily basis, each constellation we fashion falls into one or two categories. Either they are statements of perspective-shaped information or opinion – or, they are questions.

e-Implications: Is Your Organization Ready? LOGIN REQUIRED
Web-based communications and new e-business concepts have revolutionized how business is conducted in the 21st Century. The rules of the game have changed, and communications strategies should change in concert.

Back to the Future LOGIN REQUIRED
The business of advertising and marketing is the art of selling no matter how scientific you want to make it, or whatever approaches you use.

Marketing Results/Best Practices Benchmark Study LOGIN REQUIRED
This joint BMA/CMG benchmark study will determine the optimal investment strategy for marketing resources.

Every Word Counts! LOGIN REQUIRED
Attorney Patricia S. Eyres discusses guidelines for business communications that will work for your company in the courtroom.

Five Tips To Improve International Documents LOGIN REQUIRED
While developing specialized documentation in a variety of languages can be an expensive and time consuming process, it must be looked upon as a business investment and marketing necessity. Here are some tips on how to improve your efforts.

The 10 Steps for Newsletter Planning  LOGIN REQUIRED
Some great tips on how to create an effective newsletter.

If you're running a busy call center, here's how a fax-on-demand system can put some pizzazz into your operations.

Thinking About Direct Mail Copy LOGIN REQUIRED
The Newsletter Publishers Association recently released some rather disturbing information. According to their assessment: Many mailers are reporting that direct mail response rates are trending downward. Plus many more problems…

29 Places to Look for Good Newsletter Items  LOGIN REQUIRED
Coming up with good story ideas is one of the toughest tasks in publishing a company newsletter. Here are 29 places where you can find just the right newsletter item.

Ten Tips On Copy Structure LOGIN REQUIRED
Ten "need to know" tips on copy structure.

Are You Talking to Yourself? LOGIN REQUIRED
Let's all agree that the objective of marketing communications is to convey information from a company to an audience of some sort. Could be a prospect, could be a customer, could be an employee, could even be Wall Street.

Listen to Your Ads LOGIN REQUIRED
If you like most marketers, you read copies of advertising material very carefully. But do you ever listen to what those materials are subtly saying about you and the products and services you offer?

13 Ways to Improve Existing Copy LOGIN REQUIRED
If you're in a hurry, apply the following ideas to your copy assignment. They should help improve your work

How To Break Writer's Block LOGIN REQUIRED
Almost every writer suffers from "writer's block" at one time or another. Here are some ways to get around this common problem

How to Write Headlines LOGIN REQUIRED
An effective headline is crucial to a successful advertisement. Your headline is read 80% by your readers. So it pays to make your headline an interest-provoking statement.

How To Write Print Ads LOGIN REQUIRED
To write an effective lead-generating ad, you must first understand the buying process and what part your ad plays.

How to Write Subheads, Captions and Closings LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are some examples on how to write effective Subheads, Captions and Closings.

Why business/industrial copy is different LOGIN REQUIRED
To expand on the idea further, here are seven specific ways in which business/industrial ad copy is different and why you need to know.

Where Has All The Great Copy Gone? LOGIN REQUIRED
In my opinion, it's pretty hard to find well-written marketing communications these days. Most of what I see is pretty deadly and dull.

Guiding Copy Through the Approval Mill LOGIN REQUIRED
Whether you're working from within a corporation or from the outside, copy approvals are a major sticking point in what might otherwise be a smooth, orderly process of production.

Long Copy-People Read It LOGIN REQUIRED
Long ago, someone convinced a group of people that the reason they throw away their mail, or quickly turn the page of a magazine with a full page advertisement, is because the copy is too long. But this statement is misunderstanding.

Rapid Positioning LOGIN REQUIRED
With shrinking global markets, sound corporate positioning has never been more important or timely. Here are six steps to securing a strategy.

Managing your greatest Asset LOGIN REQUIRED
Customer relationships are a company's single greatest asset, but the management of those relationships is often neglected. As a consequence, rather than appreciating in value, this precious asset depreciates.

Integrated Marketing Communications LOGIN REQUIRED
There is a broader application of integrated marketing communications. As a marketing professional, do your service providers work together with your interests in mind?

Customer-Focused Marketing: Key to Fiscal Success LOGIN REQUIRED
You have heard it all before---and probably pounded on the desk at least a few times to emphasize its importance: "The customer is king! Without him, nobody around here gets paid!"

Business-to-Business Direct Mail Techniques  LOGIN REQUIRED
Sales and Marketing employees, Listen up! Read this article for great tips on business-to-business direct mail techniques

Getting the Most Out of Your Fulfillment Packages  LOGIN REQUIRED
Many marketing professionals take great care in planning their marketing and communications programs, yet fall short when it comes to lead fulfillment, a very important step in the sales process.

Tips for Creating B2B Mailings that Work LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are 23 tips for creating business-to-business mailings that work.

50 Lead-Generating Tips LOGIN REQUIRED
What should you know when planning a lead-generating direct mail program? Here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction.

What's ailing your mailing? LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are some tips on how to cure business-to-business mailing problems

Inside Secrets of Direct Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are some excellent tips on Direct Marketing.

Questions About Direct Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
With 25 years experience creating marketing action plans, writing ads, direct selling ads and direct mail packages, and assisting small and medium size firms with their marketing and direct marketing, certain questions have come up repeatedly.

The Biggest Mistake Every Firm Makes in Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
…and how you can correct that mistake for $1.98.

5 Ways to Get Business Buyers' Attention LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are five proven ways to get the business buyers' attention.

The Telemarketing Continuum LOGIN REQUIRED
If you engage with telemarketing service providers, do the types of opportunities and services they offer leave you perplexed? Why is the industry so confusing?

Effective Copywriting Techniques LOGIN REQUIRED
A testimonial from a celebrity who has no connection with the business or industry being addressed is not recommended.

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