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Featured Article

Ten Common Copywriting Pitfalls
What to avoid when writing B-to-B copy.

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Writing Effective Sales and Direct Mail Letters LOGIN REQUIRED
An integral factor in business success is the ability to express one's thoughts clearly in writing. This includes writing clear and concise business correspondence and letters.

Thinking About Direct Mail Copy  LOGIN REQUIRED
The Newsletter Publishers Association recently released some rather disturbing information. According to their assessment: Many mailers are reporting that direct mail response rates are trending downward. Plus many more problems…

13 Ways to Improve Existing Copy  LOGIN REQUIRED
If you're in a hurry, apply the following ideas to your copy assignment. They should help improve your work

Wag the Tagline: The Rhetoric of Brand Messaging  LOGIN REQUIRED
The news proclaiming the demise of the tagline has been greatly exaggerated. As a matter of fact, the tagline is alive and well – just grossly underappreciated.

Guiding Copy Through the Approval Mill  LOGIN REQUIRED
Whether you're working from within a corporation or from the outside, copy approvals are a major sticking point in what might otherwise be a smooth, orderly process of production.

Tips for Creating B2B Mailings that Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are 23 tips for creating business-to-business mailings that work.

50 Lead-Generating Tips  LOGIN REQUIRED
What should you know when planning a lead-generating direct mail program? Here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction.

The Biggest Mistake Every Firm Makes in Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
…and how you can correct that mistake for $1.98.

5 Ways to Get Business Buyers' Attention  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are five proven ways to get the business buyers' attention.

Effective Copywriting Techniques  LOGIN REQUIRED
A testimonial from a celebrity who has no connection with the business or industry being addressed is not recommended.

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