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Direct Database Marketing

Featured Article
Maximizing Business Results through Data-Driven Marketing
Fortune 50 manufacturer was looking for a way to increase sales and market share for a proprietary line of aftermarket products sold through its dealer channel. An integrated and measurable dealer support and customer marketing strategy was needed as their traditional dealer sales model was not a cost-effective approach for this line of products.
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Building a Marketing Database
Sometimes database marketing produces astounding results. Other times, despite the best efforts of dedicated and intelligent people, it falls short of expectations. From those who have had the latter experience, what could they have done differently? Where does the real world expose kinks not covered in theories and models? LOGIN REQUIRED

Direct Response Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Direct Response Marketing

10 things you need to know about your email newsletter LOGIN REQUIRED
Email newsletters are one of the most effective means of staying in touch with your clients and adding value to their day-if you remember these 10 tips.

Demystifying Database Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
It simply extends the principles of one-on-one selling.

When I Think Back…  LOGIN REQUIRED
A Page From a Direct Marketer's Diary.

The 12 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes  LOGIN REQUIRED
...And How to Avoid Them

Business-to-Business Catalog Page Design  LOGIN REQUIRED
To be a successful cataloger your catalog pages must contain many things. Keeping in mind the customer's fast-paced scan of the pages, here are the ingredients needed, in order of importance.

Writing Effective Sales and Direct Mail Letters LOGIN REQUIRED
An integral factor in business success is the ability to express one's thoughts clearly in writing. This includes writing clear and concise business correspondence and letters.

Thinking About Direct Mail Copy  LOGIN REQUIRED
The Newsletter Publishers Association recently released some rather disturbing information. According to their assessment: Many mailers are reporting that direct mail response rates are trending downward. Plus many more problems…

IT People are from Mars, Marketing are from Venus  LOGIN REQUIRED
The promises of the Information Revolution are finally being realized—faster processing, cheaper storage, even improved "user friendliness."

Charting a New Course for Sales and Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
Many marketing and sales leaders face heavy pressure to change the way they win and retain customers.

Add a scope to your rifle to improve your aim LOGIN REQUIRED
When we are trying to reach a very broad market, we use one or more magazines in a “shotgun” manner, aiming at a large audience in the hope of hitting varied targets. More and more often this approached is used when it comes to direct marketing.

Improving Response Rates and Data Consistency LOGIN REQUIRED
You recognize the many intangible benefits to your promotional efforts. But when it comes down to brass tacks, you must evaluate your investment on the quantity and quality of leads generated.

Customer-Focused Marketing: Key to Fiscal Success  LOGIN  REQUIRED

You have heard it all before---and probably pounded on the desk at least a few times to emphasize its importance: "The customer is king! Without him, nobody around here gets paid!"

Selecting a database marketing resource  LOGIN REQUIRED
To get the most out of your database, you need to get the most out of the company that manages it. Read these general questions to get down to the real issues and to make sure your investment becomes a true resource.

Database Marketing Is An Art Form  LOGIN REQUIRED
Like a craftsman or artist who skillfully use a combination of many different tools to create their masterpieces, marketers have many database marketing tools from which to choose in creating their marketing masterpieces.

Business-to-Business Direct Mail Techniques  LOGIN REQUIRED
Sales and Marketing employees, Listen up! Read this article for great tips on business-to-business direct mail techniques

Getting the Most Out of Your Fulfillment Packages LOGIN REQUIRED
Many marketing professionals take great care in planning their marketing and communications programs, yet fall short when it comes to lead fulfillment, a very important step in the sales process.

Tips for Creating B2B Mailings that Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are 23 tips for creating business-to-business mailings that work.

50 Lead-Generating Tips  LOGIN REQUIRED
What should you know when planning a lead-generating direct mail program? Here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction.

Inside Secrets of Direct Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are some excellent tips on Direct Marketing.Here are some excellent tips on Direct Marketing.

Questions About Direct Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
With 25 years experience creating marketing action plans, writing ads, direct selling ads and direct mail packages, and assisting small and medium size firms with their marketing and direct marketing, certain questions have come up repeatedly.

The Biggest Mistake Every Firm Makes in Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
…and how you can correct that mistake for $1.98.

5 Ways to Get Business Buyers' Attention  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are five proven ways to get the business buyers' attention.

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