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Internet Marketing

Featured Article
Survey: Investments in listening are showing encouraging results
Companies that launch listening and digital engagement initiatives are rewarded with improved customer satisfaction scores, loyalty and brand metrics, according to a new study. The study, titled, “Listening and Engaging in the Digital Marketing Age,” was commissioned by Dell Inc. and conducted by Forrester Consulting. It took the pulse of 200 U.S. marketers to gauge how effectively companies listen and engage with their customers and how these initiatives impact internal processes, performance and metrics. Among the key findings: While more than 80% of marketers monitor customer comments and conversations online, only 20% of companies organize marketing efforts around customer-centric social media strategies.

Search Engine Optimization Drives Web Site Traffic
From organic search to paid search, implementing search engine optimization strategies are necessary for organizations to drive traffic to their Web sites.

The Social Web and What it Means to Your Brand
Brands are being followed on the social Web, but there are guidelines to follow for organizations to participate effectively.

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How to Increase Lead Generation and Conversion with Online Content Marketing
Buyers of B2B products and services are searching for valuable, useful information to help them make the right choice when solving business problems and to help colleagues and friends also achieve success.

Build It and They Will Come LOGIN REQUIRED
Traditionally, our most valued communities have existed in the “physical world,” but the rise of social networking and user-powered applications has helped move online communities into the mainstream.

Marketing Operations: Mobilizing Marketing for a Web 2.0 World LOGIN REQUIRED
While Web 2.0 provides the state-of-the-art external transportation system (the latest version of the Information Superhighway), MO provides the internal transportation system and supporting infrastructure.

Top 10 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid in Internet Business LOGIN REQUIRED
With the Internet being the medium of choice of advertising for a business, one must consider a myriad of legal pitfalls when creating and maintaining a Web site. Issues such as those involving the use of images, music, written content, testimonials, peoples’ likenesses or other forms of intellectual property can lead to legal action or unexpected costs.

8 Low-Cost Online Marketing Tactics to Protect Your Market Share in a Declining Economy LOGIN REQUIRED
Economic times are tough, marketing budgets are tight and cash flow is unpredictable. Regardless of the economic situation, your clients still expect you to find them and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Online Marketing Options for Budget-Conscious B2B Marketers LOGIN REQUIRED
Online marketing can appear to be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor, but with the current state of the advertising industry, B2B marketers cannot afford to ignore this growing medium.

What comes after the Web? LOGIN REQUIRED 
The revolution everyone said was coming has arrived. The statistics on how many U.S. households and businesses have access to the Internet.

Where is Search Heading and How You Can Stay Ahead of the Curve  LOGIN REQUIRED
As we all know, search engine marketing provides the highest return on investment for the marketing dollar when properly executed…whether it is optimizing your site for top organic listings in the major search engines or building a detailed paid search campaign to have your company found in the paid listings of MSN, Yahoo and Google.

Where Does SEO Fit into My Marketing Budget? LOGIN REQUIRED
As a fellow marketer, I too struggle with this question. I have asked hundreds of marketers at conferences over the past year the same question in hopes of finding a unified answer. The response has been anything but unified.

Baying at the Moon  LOGIN REQUIRED
The Internet has changed the way companies interact with and service their customers. Remember back when literature fulfillment via regular U.S. mail meant turn-around times that varied anywhere from two weeks to two months?

Selecting an Internet Marketing Agency  LOGIN REQUIRED
You have finally convinced your company to establish an internet marketing presence. Will you handle every detail in-house, out-source it all or manage your Internet marketing program with a combination of the two?

E-Commerce Execs Need Varied Skill Sets   LOGIN REQUIRED
What is the hottest commodity in the already-sizzling job market? E-commerce executives. Companies increasingly seek high-level managers who can take charge of corporate e-commerce operations.

Don't Believe the Media Hype-Click Fraud Will Not Ruin Your Online Advertising Campaign!  LOGIN REQUIRED
From our vantage point, the reality of pay-per-click fraud is merely a blip on the radar screen! The solution is simple: monitor, monitor, and monitor some more.

Why Your Banner Ads Don’t Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
The 10 Commandments of E-Marketing.

Casting Your Brand on the Net  LOGIN REQUIRED
As business-to-business marketers, we intuitively appreciate the untapped potential that the Internet offers our brands. And for good reason.

The 5 W'S of Marketing on the Web  LOGIN REQUIRED
Read this article to find out about the guidelines that impart the what, why, who, where, and when of Internet advertising.

Integrate E-media for the Customer's Point of View  LOGIN REQUIRED
There is no question e-media works best when it is integrated with other operations, but certain elements in the production and management of e-media that are currently integrated into production can be streamlined.

Under Pressure To Jump on the I-Way LOGIN REQUIRED
You've read the hype about interactive marketing. From 1-800-online services that connect customers with a sales rep to online "trade shows", the possibilities are exhaustive, and exhausting, to contemplate.

Why Advertise On The World Wide Web? LOGIN REQUIRED
Why advertise on the web? Because the Internet and specifically the World Wide Web are technologies perfectly aligned to help certain kinds of businesses turn these competitive pressures into enterprise-building energy

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