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Marketing Communications

Featured Article
The Rush to Content: The new marketing mosh pit
This year, a new print magazine (imagine that!) titled Chief Content Officer was launched by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). In May, my friend Bob Evans, one of the foremost technology journalists in the world, was hired by SAP to be its chief content officer. Across the business marketing landscape, the ascendance of content to its role as a primary component in the mix is manifest. And with this ascendance, the rush to rule the content marketing roost is on.

Innovation and Communication are Keys to Success in Perlick Sales Growth
Perlick Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative, “total package” bar and beverage systems.  Since 1917, they have enabled their commercial customers to maximize operational profitability by providing complete equipment systems and services of superior value, with the shortest lead times in the industry.
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Marketing's Renaissance LOGIN REQURED
The current economic crisis is creating a great period of reinvention.  It could prove an exciting time for marketers who are prepared to seize the opportunity.  As the dust begins to settle on the financial crisis, it will usher in a new era that quite possibly could become a renaissance for Marketing.

A New Marketing Mix
Like oil and water, finance types don't mix well with the folks in marketing. More often than not, the finance staff spends a good portion of their time acting as if they’re protecting corporate dollars from the “marketing bandits”— those scoundrels who are ready to attack at any moment with a frivolous, ill-conceived plan for spending.

New Realities of Sponsorship Marketing - It's a Whole New Ball Game LOGIN REQUIRED
For years, conventional marketing wisdom has suggested that linking your company’s name or logo to a high-profile entertainer, athlete, race car, or other property is a great way to get in front of millions of customers. Sponsorships have been used to identify a company with strength and success.

Client-Focused, Easy and Effective: Six Sigma Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
Imagine sitting at Jack Welch’s table, his fiery eyes trained on you, riveted to your every word and you have only seconds to give your presentation before he can finish it for you.

The Twelve Best Marketing Metrics for Managing Marketing Performance  LOGIN REQUIRED
Without metrics to track performance, marketing and business plans are ineffective.

Employees: The "New" Marketing Communications Tool  LOGIN REQUIRED
Have organizations become so “customer-centric” that they’ve simply forgotten that employees can be one of the most valuable tools in the marketing communications toolbox?

Key Concepts of Business Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Key Concepts of Business Marketing: A guide for marketers in the communications age

Market Segmentation: Framing the Competitive Game   LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Market Segmentation: Framing the Competitive Game

A Crash Course In Crisis Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - A Crash Course In Crisis Marketing

Market Lifecycle  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Market Lifecycle: The Impact of Change on Strategy

Wish lists for B2B marketing & sales  LOGIN REQUIRED
What do you wish?

12 Ways to Make Sure Your Messages Are Dead-On, Not Dead on Arrival  LOGIN REQUIRED
Despite its acknowledged importance, the message is often the most neglected and underestimated component of a marketing communications campaign.

Making the Most of Emarketing for Cost-Effective Integrated B2B Campaigns  LOGIN REQUIRED
Many B2B companies have discovered the cost-effectiveness and positive impact of emarketing.

Probably the most obvious warning signal came in 1999, when I inspected the 14-inch-high stack of notes I'd been compiling for a book on marketing communications. While poring over the pages, a curious realization struck me upside the head.

Darwinian Marketing in a Soft Economy  LOGIN REQUIRED
Tips for Growing Business at the Expense of Competitors.

Developing Marketing/Communications Strategy LOGIN REQUIRED
If you are uncomfortable with the return on the bucks you put into ads and mailers and websites and shows and literature and whatever, chances are the culprit is the absence of a strong marketing/communications strategy

Targeted Newsletters  LOGIN REQUIRED
Cornerstone of your marketing plan.

Successful Promotional Product Campaigns LOGIN REQUIRED
Don't fall prey to the latest trends or fads. The most effective promotional products are used in a cohesive, well-planned campaign.

Your Telecommunications Image  LOGIN REQUIRED
How you use your telecommunications tools says a lot about you, and if you’re a marketer, your telecommunications should say “excellence!”

Seven Competitive Marketing Secrets  LOGIN REQUIRED
Seize The Initiative And Leave Competitors In The Dust.

Making Marketing Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
While marketing may be second-nature in large companies, smaller firms tend to have a tough time implementing, managing and monitoring an effective marketing strategy.New text object

Marketing for Long Term Prosperity  LOGIN REQUIRED
I’ve spent the better part of the past 28 years of my life, first as a principal for an industrial manufacturer, then running a marketing/advertising agency serving industrial clients.

Corporate Brochures  LOGIN REQUIRED
10 Ways to Create More Effective Corporate Capabilities Brochures

Marketing To Engineers  LOGIN REQUIRED
Six Things You Need To Know.

Stretch Your Ad Budget  LOGIN REQUIRED
10 Ways To Make Your Dollars Do More.

High Tech Marketing Communications  LOGIN REQUIRED
It's Not What They Taught You in Business School.

Integrated Communications  LOGIN REQUIRED
Can traditional advertising agencies truly offer integrated marketing communications? Or can they only offer it lip service? A bit harsh? Not if you’re a client looking for the most from your marketing communications investment.

Why Plan When You Can Just Do It? LOGIN REQUIRED
We may not like to admit it, but decades of advertising by Nike and other companies have influenced us in more ways than we know

On Being a Message Packager  LOGIN REQUIRED
Occasionally I’m asked if I fear being put out of business by the Internet. People say this because the Internet brings buyers and sellers together much like the Yellow Pages do, often without the assistance of an advertising agency.

Marketing is Communications and a Lot More LOGIN REQUIRED
Most “marketing communications” professionals are really just “communications” people. They don’t understand marketing, nor do they want to.

Small Advertising Budget? Stretch It  LOGIN REQUIRED
Why is it that when it comes to setting ad budgets, senior executives often suspend the principles of good management applied in all their other resource allocation decisions?

Advertising's True Test  LOGIN REQUIRED
Building relationships is just as important as creating awareness.

Vital Integrated Marketing Communications Concept   LOGIN REQUIRED
You’ve seen them; those periodicals, editorials full of “secrets to success.” In many cases, they purport to have discovered a panacea to the ills of that sometimes misunderstood, magical realm we refer to as B2B marketing communications.

Getting Back To Reality  LOGIN REQUIRED
Flipping through a few old notebooks the other day, it was interesting to revisit the hot topics in communications 10, 15, 20 years ago. Moving fast forward to today, it's remarkable how much and how fast things changed.

Does the Word Marketing Mean Anything Anymore?  LOGIN REQUIRED
For rhetorical purposes, let's ask the obvious questions: Should a supposed expert in marketing need help finding clients for his or her business?New text object

Seven Steps To Outsourcing  LOGIN REQUIRED
Communicators who learn to work successfully with independent practitioners handle multiple projects (and budget cuts) far more effectively. Here are a few hints from the field.

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