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Featured Article
What Car Repair Technicians Can Teach Us About Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction
Those of us who are involved in the measurement, management, and improvement of customer satisfaction can learn much from the method a car repair technician uses to find the reasons a car engine doesn’t start.  An effective car repair technician conducts a diagnostic analysis to find the actual causes that are operating in a particular situation and directs the analysis with an explanation of engine functioning that identifies all the potential reasons an engine doesn’t start.
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7 Tips to Healthy CRM & Marketing Data
The CRM Database is one of the most valuable assets for any organization and well maintained CRM or marketing data can be invaluable. However CRM data is a perishable asset and does need constant attention, periodic cleansing and a lot of effort in its upkeep.

New Rules Govern Response Management: If You Can't Measure It - You Can't Manage It! LOGIN REQUIRED
Sarah looked at me over the desk and with a tenseness in her voice said, “I can’t do this (advertise) anymore without showing results!

Proving Your Worth   LOGIN REQUIRED
Accountability equals security in the 90's and beyond.

The Quest For Accountability LOGIN REQUIRED
Don't Just Dream about it.

The Death of a Marketer   LOGIN REQUIRED
Your company might have a marketing virus in need of some serious medicine. Have you ever encountered any of these symptoms?

Making Your Way Along the Marketing Metrics Continuum   LOGIN REQUIRED
Today’s business climate requires high accountability for anyone responsible for marketing. According to IDC, marketing typically invests/spends 3-8% of company revenue for its efforts.

Doing Your Marketing Audit   LOGIN REQUIRED
A complete marketing plan is the forerunner of a proactive business plan.

Is Your Communications Program Ready?   LOGIN REQUIRED
Is Your Communications Program Ready To Be Audited? What is a Communications Audit?

IMC & ROI Measurement for B2B Enterprises LOGIN REQUIRED
The charge today is to measure all marketing endeavors, to the greatest extent possible, in terms of ROI. Marketing ROI measurement is certainly not a new concept but its importance has grown in recent years.

Marketing Results/Best Practices Benchmark Study  LOGIN REQUIRED
This joint BMA/CMG benchmark study will determine the optimal investment strategy for marketing resources.

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