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Professional Development

Featured Article
Expanding Your Circle of Influence: Pushing Marketing To A Strategic Leadership Role
In a recent BMA survey of B2B marketers a full 82% of respondents classified their role as one of primarily providing sales support. This support largely comes in the form of marketing communications. 
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Are You Standing In The Way Of Your Next Job? LOGIN REQUIRED
Are you having a hard time finding your next job? Are you going on interviews and not getting offers? Are you at the point where you are ready to give up?

Looking for a New Job  LOGIN REQUIRED
Everyone who has ever been through outplacement or read a how-to book on job hunting is all too aware of this truism: "finding a job" is not only a "job"-it's the ultimate exercise in self-marketing!

The Roar of the Crowd  LOGIN REQUIRED
I happened into the marketing and communications business because, by nature or self-design, I'm a performer and the "ad biz" seemed like a great stage to work from. Just give me a minute or two and I can dazzle 'em with my brilliance

How to Stretch for Success  LOGIN REQUIRED
For marketing to be effective, it has to make sense in a strategic framework. Therefore, it makes sense that the communicator who has a good working knowledge of marketing and business strategy is way ahead of the game of career management.

Lead Your Team to Victory: The Do's and Don'ts of Effective Group Influence  LOGIN REQUIRED
Much of our work today depends on our ability to influence groups of people we lead or work with on projects. Groups are made up of many personalities, mindsets, motives and agendas-some explicit and others hidden-so having a specific strategy for influencing teams can mean the difference between success and failure.

Employees Reveal How Companies View Them LOGIN REQUIRED
A national survey uncovered how men and women view how their companies…

Trust In The Workplace  LOGIN REQUIRED
Study Shows That It's A Problem For Many.New text object

21 Action Steps for a 21st Century Leader  LOGIN REQUIRED
Become the CEO of Your Life

Beacons and Scarecrows  LOGIN REQUIRED
Actually, this particular column was going to be about CBC Certification and the value it has to the professional business marketer.

The Seven Steps To Top Performance  LOGIN REQUIRED
Ignite Energy, Harness Your Emotions And Defuse Stress So You Can Be Your Best At Work

Surviving The Project From Hell  LOGIN REQUIRED
Ah yes, the proverbial "Project From Hell." If you've been in our business for more than a few months, you've probably experienced one of those projects where nothing goes right

Seven Steps to Finding a New Job  LOGIN REQUIRED
As everyone knows all too well, the marketing communications profession has been adversely affected the past several years.

Taming the Paper Tiger  LOGIN REQUIRED
Do you come home from meetings with your briefcase stuffed with paper—travel receipts, phone messages, meeting notes, business cards, promotional information and other reading materia

Making the Most of Phone Conversations  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your voice is your most important tool when you are on the phone. You don’t have the use of your facial expressions or gestures to help you get your message accross.

The Wallenda Factor  LOGIN REQUIRED
Have you ever concentrated so hard on not losing a project, not losing a sale or not giving a bad presentation?

Make A Commitment To Communication  LOGIN REQUIRED
Three Keys To Enhancing Skills

How To Ask the Boss for a Raise  LOGIN REQUIRED
You work hard, take on extra responsibilities and stay late. Overall, you go the extra mile. But while you’re giving your all, the team hasn’t done anything in return except give you a pat on the back.

Unclutter Your Life  LOGIN REQUIRED
Many people miss out on opportunities simply because they’re either too busy to act on them. To disorganized to maximize them or too distracted to even recognize them.

Don't Read that Speech  LOGIN REQUIRED
Reading a speech can be a big credibility killer -- it makes the delivery sound unnatural and contrived, and relying on a written presentation provides a false sense of security. The result: you have failed to connect with the audience.

How To Cure the “Verbal Virus”  LOGIN REQUIRED
How many of the conversations you have every day, or the voice mail messages you leave are full of what voice experts call “verbal viruses”?

Are You Managing Your Personal Brand?  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your personal brand can have a real impact on your success and there are some implications for your personal life as well. Do a little brand audit.

Share-of-Market Feeds the Ego  LOGIN REQUIRED
Share of market still survives as the leading measure of business success. And we send ourselves a variety of reassuring messages to keep it that way

Integrated Marketing Communications  LOGIN REQUIRED
There is a broader application of integrated marketing communications. As a marketing professional, do your service providers work together with your interests in mind?

Getting the Most Out of Your Fulfillment Packages  LOGIN REQUIRED
Many marketing professionals take great care in planning their marketing and communications programs, yet fall short when it comes to lead fulfillment, a very important step in the sales process.

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