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Joint Marketing Alliances, A New Concept In Driving Sales in a Down Economy In today’s business environment, complementary companies that work together to share their customers’ databases will probably recognize a higher return on these marketing efforts than those with other forms of traditional, client outreach.

7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing In today’s business environment, complementary companies that work together to share their customers’ databases will probably recognize a higher return on these marketing efforts than those with other forms of traditional, client outreach.

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Making Leads Sales Ready LOGIN REQUIRED
In light of the current economic landscape, it’s now more critical than ever for marketers to attract the right prospects and help reduce the time it takes to close deals. One major effect of a downturn is that buying decisions are delayed.

Improving Sales Pricing LOGIN REQUIRED
For companies with sales teams who negotiate prices, the pricing actions of your sales team may have more influence on the bottom line than your pricing team.

Why most people will not buy your product or service LOGIN REQUIRED
Why? You Forgot The Basics

Wish lists for B2B marketing & sales  LOGIN REQUIRED
What do you wish?

Turning Failure Into Success  LOGIN REQUIRED
Win/loss studies aren't a new invention. In fact, some of the largest and most profitable US businesses have conducted sales post mortems for years to refine their selling strategies.

Reducing the Cost of Sales Literature Distribution  LOGIN REQUIRED
Marketing collateral is a lot like a company car. It's often the first thing someone sees when you pull up to meet them for the first time. And what it looks like says a lot about you and your company.

The Case of the Ponderous Prospects  LOGIN REQUIRED

The day was gray and wet in the city that seldom buys. My feet were up on my beige metal desk and I wondered if my hand-made Zamboni loafers would ever dry out. I was getting around to wondering how I was going to cover rent when she burst in…

Straight From the Hart  LOGIN REQUIRED
Insights to remember for personal and professional achievement.

B2B Marketers Need to Think Sales  LOGIN REQUIRED
To succeed on the B2B side, marketing/communications people need to see their job as one of making the sales force more efficient.

Bringing Sales and Marketing Together  LOGIN REQUIRED
In a business-to-business environment, true accountability can only happen when the Marketing and Sales departments of a company are made to recognize that they're both parts of a single, continuous process.

How to Sell Information in the Information Age LOGIN REQUIRED
Is the "information explosion" a good thing for information marketers? Actually, it's a mixed blessing.

Are you getting your share?  LOGIN REQUIRED
Nearly one-in-four ad inquiries becomes a sale.

Transforming Marketing and Sales  LOGIN REQUIRED
Transforming Marketing and Sales into a System to Manufacture Customers

So Your Leading a Sales Meeting  LOGIN REQUIRED
You have attended scores of them. Probably even a few this week. And for some reason, the thought of sitting in on another one leaves you nauseated. They're called meetings and they're an integral part of business life.

Sales Lead Success Checklist  LOGIN REQUIRED
You’ve spent a great deal of time, effort and money putting together your sales lead generation programs. Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself to determine if you have the best chance of being successful.

7 Reasons Salespeople Fail  LOGIN REQUIRED
Much has been written about how winners succeed. But very little has been mentioned about how the others fail. You are likely thinking “Why would I want to learn how to fail?” Learn to avoid these seven steps that make salespeople fail.

Defining Your Selling Process Goal  LOGIN REQUIRED
Still having trouble getting sales and marketing to work as a team? Run out of options? Maybe you're overlooking the obvious. Let's take a very basic approach to the problem for a moment, considering the meaning of a sale.

The Top 5 Sales Process Problems  LOGIN REQUIRED
Find out how you can improve your sales process by avoiding these common problems.

Writing Effective Sales and Direct Mail Letters LOGIN REQUIRED
An integral factor in business success is the ability to express one's thoughts clearly in writing. This includes writing clear and concise business correspondence and letters.

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