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Trade Show Marketing

Featured Article
National Starch improves leads with trade show microsite National Starch Food Innovation, a food ingredient manufacturer that is part of Corn Products International, has improved the quantity and quality of its leads through an integrated trade show microsite program it uses to drive traffic to events. Marc Green, senior manager-marketing communications at National Starch Food Innovation and Corn Products International, discusses how the company executed the program.
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Leveraging the Power of Partnership for Smarter Private Events The new economy has left many marketers with scaled-back budgets or having to defend strategies perceived as being extravagant, such as events. However, when done right, events offer high value -- and even an opportunity to generate a profit.

Hybrid Trade Shows: Combining the Physical and the Virtual LOGIN REQUIRED
According to a 2009 corporate travel spending survey by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), 33 percent of the 131 organizations surveyed indicated they would be spending less on travel in the coming year.

Trade Show Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED

BMA White Paper - Tradeshows: An Important Medium for the Marketing Message

Trade Shows: The Tool for Your Product Launch LOGIN REQUIRED
A product launch is a major investment for your company, whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a marketing manager at a large corporation.

Tough Times in Exhibit and Event Marketing  LOGIN REQUIRED
Effective exhibit and event marketing programs start with research and end with measurable results. In order to provide maximum return, every aspect of the program must be expertly planned, implemented and measured to maximize return.

Good Execution Can Capture Mindshare.                                      

Making Trade Shows Count  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your industry's major trade show is coming up. Now is the time to start preparing. If one of your exhibit goals is to get more, high-quality sales leads, consider using these techniques.

Using Events To Market Products  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your company or client has a hot new product line. You're trying to create awareness of your company and its products. What do you do?

Evidence of the Effectiveness of Exhibitions LOGIN REQUIRED
Read aout the results of a study that finds marketers considering exhibitions second only to direct sales.

Measuring Sales from Trade Show Leads  LOGIN REQUIRED
Event managers are under increased pressure from top management to prove ROI (Return on Investment). Here are some reliable methods for measuring sales from trade show leads.

Maximizing Exhibit Potential through Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
In today's increasingly cost-conscious business environment, few activities draw as much interest and scrutiny as the corporate trade show program—especially when international trade fairs are involved.

Selecting an Exhibit Producer  LOGIN REQUIRED
Exhibit producers come in all shapes and sizes. The one that is right for you is totally dependent on your company's individual exhibiting needs. Find out how to select an exhibit producer that will be most effective for your company.

Trade Show Basics  LOGIN REQUIRED
When exhibiting at trade shows, it is necessary to focus on some basic building blocks, so that we can use promotions to reinforce the human element.

Six Steps to Strategic Trade Show Planning  LOGIN REQUIRED
Trade show marketing should be a strategic process with goals and measurable objectives, just like any other communications tactic, and based on a company’s sales and marketing plan. Read on to find out six steps for strategic trade show planning.

Five Ways To Get More Out Of Trade Show Brochures  LOGIN REQUIRED
How important is it to have brochures at a trade show exhibit? That's a question many exhibitors concern themselves with when preparing for a show.

Preshow Promotion Tips  LOGIN REQUIRED
With preshow promotion, what works and what doesn't when trying to gain prospects' interest and attention?

Ten Tips For Designing Exhibits That Sell  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are some tips for designing exhibits that sell.

Exhibitors Don't Have To Go Home Empty Handed  LOGIN REQUIRED
Too many trade show participants spend outrageous sums of money and expend a staff's worth of energy, yet go home empty-handed.

Tradeshow PR- Good Execution Can Capture Mindshare  LOGIN REQUIRED
At tradeshows around the globe, editors, reporters and industry analysts go first to the press kit room to get a quick idea of what’s new at the show. Few editors want to, expect to, or will get their information from data sheets or brochures.

Trade Show Savvy  LOGIN REQUIRED
How to use lead management to improve this year's return on investment.

Trade Shows: Time to Demonstrate Your Leadership  LOGIN REQUIRED
A great marcom manager uses a show as an opportunity to demonstrate all of his or her skills and tools to maximize attendance and consequently maximize sales. It’s at your whim to use the tools.

Things Companies do at Trade Shows That Don't Work  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here is a list of five things that companies do at trade shows that don't work. Also, how you can fix those five things.

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