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Strong Brands Equal Marketing Muscle

From BMA Knowledge Base

Understand What Your Brand Stands For. Analyze and diagnose the brand from three perspectives - the internal brand environment (the company and its brands), the customer reality (their needs, wants, practices and trends) and the external environment (the market, competition and selling place) in which the brand competes. This will help determine if the brand image matches the desired brand identity, among employees and consumers alike.
Inventory The Contact Points Through Which Customers Experience The Brand. Hilton Hotels, for example, sends signals to its customers from the ad in the newspaper, the call to reservations, the bellhop, the check-in and the adventure of experiencing your room for the first time. The goal of brand-building is to send a message consistent and supportive of the brand identity regardless of how customers come in contact with the brand.
Turn Limited Investment Liabilities Into Alternative Brand Building Methods. Liabilities require more creative ways to build loyal customers. often, non-traditional approaches bring you closer to customers and provide you differentiation from competitors.
 Determine Who Inside The Company Is In Charge of The Brand. One person or team inside the company should have responsibility for ensuring that the brand identity is being delivered consistently across its contact points

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