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Who We Are
BMA-PNW is the Business Marketing Association’s newest chapter, serving the unique needs of business-to-business marketing professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest region – including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and BC Canada.

If your focus is business-to-business marketing, you belong in the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the BMA.  Founded in 1922, the BMA has grown to an international organization of more than 3,000 business marketing leaders and communications specialists across various industry verticals.  Our mission is to enable our members grow, develop, and succeed throughout their B2B careers.  BMA-PNW enhances thought leadership, communication and managerial skills by bringing our members face-to-face with the nation’s top B2B marketing thinkers and practitioners from various disciplines.

Unique Opportunities
BMA-PNW is here to help you and your company maximize success.  We are committed to your personal and professional development by you networking events, educational forums, speaking engagements, sponsorship opportunities, and tools for career advancement.  We have a broad range of positions to fill, including volunteer opportunities, board seats and sponsorships for world-class marketers and companies alike who are dedicated to business marketing excellence and innovation.

Join Today.

Go to and get in on the ground floor of the newest chapter in this proven, results-driven, international organization.  Be sure to select “BMA Pacific Northwest” when registering to take full advantage of all the communications and events we have to offer in your area.

Please feel free to contact the PNW-BMA Directly:

Greg Olson, BMA National Board Chapter Liaison
(303) 587-2847