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Past G.D. Crain, Jr. Award winners

1969 Keith Evans
1970 J. Wesley Rosberg, CBC
1971 Robert V. Cummins
1972 Philip Gisser, CBC
1973 H.T.S. Heckman, CBC
1974 Robert L. Hartford
1975 Fred R. Messner, CBC
1976 Sal F. Marino
1977 Richard C. Christian
1978 Robert R. Crittendon, CBC
1979 William A. Marsteller, CBC
1980 Keith K. Warne, CBC
1981 George S. Cohan, CBC
1982 Milo E. Zigenhagen, CBC
1983 Fred C. Poppe, CBC
1984 Charles C. Wardell
1985 Glen W. Peterson, CBC
1986 David C. Green, CBC
1987 Jay M. Sharp
1988 George C. McNutt
1989 Oliver H. Darling, CBC
1990 Gordon Sawyer, CBC
1991 Dennis A. Ritzel, CBC
1992 Daniel W. Bellack, CBC
1993 Jerry L. Bryan, CBC
1994 Franklin C. Compton, CBC
1995 Susan T. Gauff, CBC
1996 Robert M. Lamons, CBC
1997 William J. Walsh, CBC
1998 Kirk Carr, CBC
1999 Robert F. Lauterborn, CBC
2000 Cheryl L. Benton, CBC
2001 C. Ganson Avery, CBC
2002 Howard Emerson, CBC
2003 Tom Costner, CBC
2004 Marc Green, CBC
2005 Mary Lou Nemeth
2006 Rick Kean, CBC
2007 (no award made)
2008 Kirby Strickland, CBC
2009 Jeffrey Hayzlett
2010 John Favalo
2011 Michael W. Hensley, CBC
2012 Robert Goranson, CBC
2013 Marlah S. Rose-Asch, CBC

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