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Submit Your Article to the Business Marketing Association Today!

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to the BMA for consideration. Our communications with BMA members are predicated upon the following criteria:

  1. The topic should be of interest to a broad range of business marketers at companies of all sizes. See topic themes below. 
  2. The author should be a recognized expert in their field, with strong credentials as an author, speaker, and thought leader.
  3. The author must own all copyrights to all material submitted.
  4. The paper must not be self-promotional or slanted in obvious favor of any particular product or service solution.
  5. The paper must be written in a third-person voice. No pure opinion pieces please. Papers should explore many dimensions of the possible solutions, not just dwell on the problems.

If the proposed paper meets these criteria, there are just a few other requirements:

  • Please submit the paper in Word doc form. Minimum of 500 words; maximum of 2000.
  • Images should be embedded as jpeg files if possible. Papers without images will be rejected. Images should provide more than just abstract value; they should be relevant to communicating the author’s points.
  • Please be sure to include your name, phone, and email address, along with a brief biography of the author’s credentials.

Article themes and topics are as follows:

Theme 1: From Service Organization to Growth Driver

  • Creating an Incubator for Strategic, Creative and Innovative Thinking
  • When Times get Tough: Growth Strategies for Changing Markets
  • A New Charter – and Longer Tenure – for the CMO
  • How Globalization Changes the Enterprise Opportunity and Rules of the Game
  • Defining, Aligning Behind and Delivering Enterprise Value
  • New Opportunities for Marketing to Produce Organic Growth
  • Enabling Fact-Based Strategy: Developing a Marketing Intelligence Center of Excellence
  • Marketing the “New Marketing”

Theme 2: Living the Brand in the Age of Transparency

  • Aligning Business Vision, Strategy and Branding
  • Branding from the Inside Out: Enrolling Employees as Brand Evangelists
  • The New Role for Marketers: From Communicators to Facilitators of Enterprise Change
  • Learning from GE and Proctor & Gamble: Applying B2C Insights to the B2B World
  • Best Practices in Brand Management: Managing the Brand Portfolio through the Product Lifecycle
  • Effective Branding Strategies: Architecting the Brand, Identifying Brand Relevance, Highlighting Brand Differentiation
  • Working with the New Media: Sustainable Public Relations Strategies for the 21st Century
  • Staying Ahead of the Compliance Curve: Asserting Strong Leadership and Corporate Citizenship in the Age of Sarbanes-Oxley

Theme 3: Marketing Operations: Tuning the Marketing Performance Engine

  • Lean and Mean: Optimizing Resources in the Age of Accountability
  • Aligning Marketing with Sales: Striking the Right Balance Between Support Organization and Go-To Market Partner
  • The CMO and the CFO: Building a Bridge of Mutual Accountability
  • The CMO and the CIO: Co-Architects of Marketing Scalability
  • Integrated Marketing: From Vision to Reality
  • How Marketing Operations Supports the New CMO Charter
  • Metrics That Matter: Demonstrating Return on Marketing
  • Green Marketing: Laying the Foundation for Enterprise Sustainability Initiatives

Theme 4: Building Customer Affinity in a Less Loyal World

  • Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value: Fostering Customer Acquisition, Monetization and Retention
  • Customer Co-Creation: Transforming Customers into Innovation Partners and Product Evangelists
  • Beyond the Rainmaker: Feeding and Nurturing the Sales Pipeline for Robust and Predictable Growth
  • The Power to be Found: Leveraging Web 2.0, Social Networking and Search Optimization to Attract the Right Customers
  • Creating a Continuous Customer Dialogue: Word-of-Mouth, Conversational Marketing and Experience Marketing Strategies
  • Total CRM: Integrating Technology and Process to Manage the Customer Relationship from End-To-End
  • Winning Buy-in for Key Marketing Initiatives: Developing Customer-Centric Business Cases
  • Marketing to Gen Y: Mobile Marketing Strategies to Meet The Need Breed of Customers Where They Live

If the BMA review committee selects your paper for publication, we will contact you about further steps in the process. All articles published by the BMA will become the copyright property of BMA.

If you would like to submit a paper, Click Here.

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