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2009 National BMA Conference

You now have complete access to many of our speaker presentation decks, audio files and related content. Just click on the links below.

Our Social Media Team was on hand at the Conference, posting blog recaps, live tweeting most conference events and posting video interviews with speakers and attendees alike.

BMA09 Blog Post Day 1
BMA09 Blog Post Day 2
BMA09 Blog Post Day 3
BMA09 on Tumblr

Click here or on the picture to view BMA's live staging of McGraw-Hill's classic "Man in the Chair" ad.


The Fundamentals of B-to-B Word-of-Mouth Marketing Pre-Conference Workshop

What We've Learned and What We Need to Relearn and UNlearn

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Marketing in the Cloud

Changing Your Business as Customer Needs Change

Changing Your Business by Changing Your Agenda

Enabling Change: The B-to-B "Change Agent" Known as LinkedIn


From Marketing to Placemaking

New Insights on Reaching Business Decision Makers Online


Best Practices in Acquiring B-to-B Customer Insight and Intelligence

Business Process Improvement for Corporate Marketing Departments

Building and Nurturing Online B-to-B Communities

Why B-to-B & Corporate Blogging Matters: Best Practices & Key Trends

Applied CRM Integration for B-to-B Marketers

Best Practices in Digital Direct Marketing

How Deep Can We Go: Changing the Game in a Highly Traditional Category

The Network Effect: How B-to-B Marketers Can Put LinkedIn to Work

Building Better B-to-B Web Presences

Incorporating Sustainability into B-to-B Marketing

Business Uses of Social Media: Who Knew this Stuff Would Make Money?

Managing Marketing and Pricing in a Down Economy

Creating Online and Virtual B-to-B Events


Branding's Role in Bringing the 2016 Olympics to Chicago

Why Left-Brain Management and Right-Brain Marketing Don't See Eye to Eye--and What to Do About It

The Shift: Becoming Visionary Marketers Who Control the Quest for Growth.

The Last Word: How Smart B-to-B Marketers are Getting People Talking

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