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Engage - Day 2





Thursday Morning Sponsor:

6:00 a.m.-7:30 a.m.

Fun Run/Walk Along Lake Michigan, sponsored by Motorola
Rise early for a walk or run along the Lake Michigan lake front, just a few blocks from the Swissotel, with BMA Chicago Chapter President Suzanne Martin. Sign up at the registration desk and assemble at the western entrance to the hotel and conference center at 6:00 a.m. sharp.  You'll have a chance to network on the walk to the lake and then burn off some calories!

7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
Networking Breakfast

8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
General Session Keynote
(Zurich Ballroom)

“Engaging Customers to Win”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Customers to Win" on LinkedIn
As chief marketing officer of Ply Gem and, previously, Cemex, Keith Pigues has helped companies large and small capture their fair share of the measurable value created for customers, leading to accelerated sales and margin growth while forging amazing partnerships between marketing and sales. He will share how you can quantify your competitive advantage customer by customer and lead your organization to unprecedented levels of engagement with customers—engagement that results in what your customers want most: to make more money doing business with you.

Keith Pigues, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Ply Gem, and author, Winning with Customers: Do Your Customers Make More Money Doing Business with You? 

9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
General Session Keynote
(Zurich Ballroom)

“Engaging with Purpose”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging All Stakeholders with Purpose" on LinkedIn
As firms seek to engage stakeholders while rebuilding from the recession, leaders must regain workforce confidence. It's time to bury mission statements and align employees under a powerful sense of organizational purpose. In an unconventional presentation, Eduardo Conrado will discuss the pivotal role marketing played in the development of Motorola's new strategic framework, while David Srere will review examples of how purpose can help leadership in a variety of organizations uncover what inspires employees about an organization, its promise and contributions to the world.

Eduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks, Motorola Follow Eduardo Conrado on Twitter 

David Srere
, Co-President and CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, Siegel+Gale

10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Networking Break

10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.
Morning Breakout Sessions

(Vevey 1 & 2)
“Engaging Employees”  Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Employees" on LinkedIn

Can you build strong b-to-b brands without engaged employees? Some companies used to think pouring millions into external brand communications could do so, but no longer. In this session, top marketing executives from Dow Corning, GE, Avnet and W.W. Grainger will share details of highly successful employee-engagement programs—some focused on entire workforces, some focused on employee subsets, such as GE's 5,000-member global marketing team—that have generated impressive results and improved day-to-day operational delivery of their brands.


Randall Rozin, Global Director, Brand Management & Communications, Dow Corning


Meeta Kratz, Director, Segment Strategy, Government & Healthcare, W.W. Grainger

Steve Liguori, Executive Director, Global Marketing, GE Follow Steve Liguori on Twitter

Al Maag, Chief Communications Officer, Avnet Follow Al Maag on Twitter

(Vevey 3 & 4)
“Engaging the Internal C-Suite”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging the Internal C-Suite" on LinkedIn
This session will focus on successful techniques senior b-to-b marketers have deployed to engage their own C-suite executives and even board directors to support and fund new strategic directions (e.g., entering new markets, launching new products or services, expanding to new regions), especially in situations where these investments are in direct and heated competition with other strongly championed uses of capital. Hear four very different but all enormously effective stories of senior-management engagement from a TBA moderator and panel.


Kathy Button Bell, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson


Tom Haas, Chief Marketing Officer, Siemens Corporation

Rick Pyle, Vice President of Marketing Services and Customer One, Alliance Laundry Systems

Eileen Zicchino
, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, JPMorgan Chase Treasury Services 

(Montreaux 1 & 2)
“Engaging Channel Partners”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Channel Partners" on LinkedIn

Last year, Navistar's Al Saltiel dazzled us with how International Truck, using automotive marketing techniques, very creatively engaged distributors and truckers alike with its LoneStar Semi-Truck launch. In this 2010 session, we'll hear top marketers from Molex, Schneider Electric, USG and Volvo Construction Equipment describe notable and award-winning efforts to very successfully engage channel partners, including dealers, distributors and value-added resellers. If you go to market via distribution, you won't want to miss this session.  


Brian Krause, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Molex Incorporated Follow Molex on Twitter


Tom Insprucker, Vice President, Global Marketing, Schneider Electric 

John B. Johnston IV, eBusiness Marketing Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment

Greg Salah, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, USG Corporation

(Montreaux 3)
“Engaging Small-Business Buyers”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Small-Business Buyers" on LinkedIn
Small-business customers are not easy to engage, but marketers who learn how to do so can build a very profitable business. Join Jeff Berry of the Enterprise Council on Small Business, part of the Corporate Executive Board, as he speaks with a panel of leading small-business marketers from enterprise organizations. They will share their industry experience and best practices for engaging the small-business customer. Gain their direct knowledge and gather strategies for leveraging this information and translating it into your own winning strategy.


Jeff Berry, Vice President, Enterprise Council on Small Business


Brian Burch, Director of SMB Marketing, Hewlett-Packard Follow Brian Burch on Twitter

Don McLoughlin, Vice President, Marketing, ADP

Gerry Singson, Senior Manager, Small Business Segment Marketing, CDW Corporation

(St. Gallen 1 & 2)
“Engaging Technical and Engineering Buyers”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Technical and Engineering Buyers" LinkedIn
In 25 years at Indium and several writing one of the best b-to-b marketing blogs around, Rick Short has never tired of his primary job—engaging highly technical buyers at Indium's diverse industrial and electronics industry customers. Today, he engages them—and endeavors to outsell sales—via an 70-blog network more sophisticated than anything most bigger guys are doing. With the help of fellow marketers from Cisco Systems, Qwest Business Markets and Makino, Rick will lead a deep dive into state-of-the-art technical buyer engagement techniques.


Rick Short, Director of Marketing Communications, Indium Corporation Follow Rick Short on Twitter


Cindy Humphrey, Vice President of Marketing, Qwest Business Markets Group Follow Cindy Humphrey on Twitter

Mark Rentschler, Marketing Manager for the Americas, Makino

Doug Webster, Senior Director, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing, Cisco Systems

(St. Gallen 3)
“Engaging Professional Services Buyers”  
Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Professional Services Buyers" on LinkedIn

To secure a place in the consideration set, professional "expert" services providers traditionally have invested heavily in thought leadership, face-to-face selling tools and private face-to-face meetings and events. More and more, though, are becoming increasingly active in search marketing, digital outreach, direct marketing, advertising and social media. Learn the latest in professional-services-buyer engagement techniques from top marketers at a global consulting firm, a global accounting firm and a major U.S. law firm in a panel moderated by a leading expert and author on the subject.


Mike Schultz, President, Wellesley Hills Group, and author, Professional Services Marketing. Follow Mike Schultz on Twitter


Andrew Bosman, Executive Director of Marketing, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Linda Meenan, Chief Marketing Officer, Wildman Harrold

Randall Thorne, National Executive Director, Marketing, Grant Thornton LLP


Thursday Afternoon Sponsor:

12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
MarketingMasters Luncheon
(Zurich Ballroom)

“Engaging Employees, Customers and Prospects Globally”
Aon Corporation made a big splash in 2009 when it announced it would replace AIG as the global sponsor of UK-based football team Manchester United, the #1 brand in the #1 sport in the world, in the 2010-11 season. That season begins this June, and Aon Global CMO Phil Clement will give conference attendees one of the first glimpses of what Aon is doing to leverage its reported three-year, $132 million investment in this single global sponsorship platform to unite the firm into one global culture and maximize engagement with all audiences worldwide.


Philip Clement, Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Aon Corporation


Michael Krauss, President and Managing Principal, Market Strategy Group LLC, and former BMA/Chicago president.

1:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Networking Break

2:00 p.m.-3:15 p.m.
Afternoon Breakout Sessions


“Engaging Enterprise Buyers”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Enterprise Buyers" on LinkedIn
(Montreaux 1 & 2)

The larger and more important the buyer, the more you can justify investing to truly and deeply know, understand and be able to satisfy this customer. In this panel, moderated by BtoB Editor Ellis Booker, leading marketers with responsibility for supporting efforts targeting enterprise buyers will showcase new customer-insights strategies, new digital initiatives, innovative account-based marketing efforts and strategies to secure testimonial support. Michael Hubble will share insights from a recent CEB study on what matters most in ensuring superior b-to-b customer experience.


Ellis Booker, Editor, BtoB Magazine


Nick Bell, Director of Campaign Marketing, Adobe Systems

Michael Hubble, Senior Director, Sales, Marketing and Communications Practice, Corporate Executive Board

Julie Skidmore
, Marketing Programs Manager, Aon Corporation

(St. Gallen 1 & 2)
“Engaging Sales”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Sales" on LinkedIn
Kevin Clancy says marketing is making what your customers want and sales is getting rid of what you make. Tom Insprucker says marketing's job is to help sales sell more but also to persuade buyers to buy more. And, he adds, to help sales separate opportunity from distraction. However you look at marketing and sales, it's clear that marketing's role is to both guide and support sales. After all, nothing happens until a sale is made. Led by one of the world's most distinguished sales force experts, this panel will zero in how marketers can better engage sales to generate better results.


Andris Zoltners, Co-Founder and Chairman, ZS Associates; Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management; and co-author, Building A Winning Sales Force


Daniel Joyce, Global Sales & Marketing Excellence Leader, Automation and Control Solutions, Honeywell International

David Longmuir, Customer Discovery Leader, Owens Corning 

Deb Oler, Vice President, U.S. Brand Business, W.W. Grainger

(Vevey 1 & 2)
“Engaging Future Buyers (Prospects)”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Future Buyers (Prospects)" on LinkedIn

For business-to-business marketers, some 50% of future sales starts with the "drum beat of marketing" to engage prospects and get them to "raise their hands." Branding has its place, but without new prospects filling the funnel, salespeople will not make their quotas, sales expenses will soar, sales will suffer and earnings will be dismal. This panel of expert marketers will tell you how to find and engage prospects who buy in a predictable manner. Expect opinionated marketing professionals who create wealth for their companies. Bring your seat belts!


Jim Obermayer, Executive Director, Sales Lead Management Association


Michelle Draper, Vice President, Institutional Services Marketing, Charles Schwab

Kevin Espinosa, Channel Development Manager, Multi-Channel Marketing Group, Caterpillar, Inc. Follow Kevin Espinosa on Twitter

Mark Wilson, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Sybase Inc.

(Vevey 3 & 4)

“Engaging Current Buyers (Customers)”

What is working for marketers these days in engaging and, as the "Great Recession" recedes, re-engaging customers? Moderator Erick Brethenoux will kick off this session by sharing findings about customer engagement trends from an extensive survey of several hundred leading b-to-b marketers conducted by SPSS exclusively for BMA and the "Engage" conference. Senior-marketer panelists from Citrix Systems and Syniverse Technologies and the CEO of Second City Communications also will share case studies of unusually successful customer engagement programs.


Erick Brethenoux, Executive Program Director, Worldwide Predictive Analytics & Decision Management Strategy, IBM


Janet Roberts, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Syniverse Technologies

Kim Woodward, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Citrix Systems

Tom Yorton, President, Second City Communications

(Montreaux 3)
“Engaging Industry Analysts”   Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Industry Analysts" on LinkedIn

When faced with competing product or service claims from your company and your competitors, customers, journalists and even financial analysts often turn to an objective referee—the industry analyst. Engaging with industry analysts is crucial to tell your company’s story, convey your market strategy and clarify your products’ benefits and competitive differentiation. Whether you’re establishing or building relationships with analysts, this panel will provide insights on how to succeed in engaging with and gaining crucial third-party credibility from industry analysts.


George Stenitzer, Vice President of Corporate and Marketing Communications, Tellabs


Nancy Carr, Manager, Worldwide Public Relations, Kodak 

Corey Ferengul, Executive Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Rovi Corporation

Jim Le Tart, Director Marketing, RedPrairie

(St. Gallen 3)
“Engaging Online Influencers"  
Join the discussion at Join "Engaging Online Influencers" on LinkedIn

Positive word of mouth drives recommendations for, or against, your brand. Whether it is provoking a direct sale or shortening an involved sales cycle, the right online influencers–ranging from media, blogs, message boards, forums, news groups and even microblogs–can make or break your marketing efforts. At this session, learn best practices of how to effectively identify, engage and sustain conversations with the voices that matter most to you and your industry–all while driving measurable ROI and keeping compliant with the new FTC guidelines.


Paul Rand, President, Zocalo Group, and President, Word of Mouth Marketing Association Follow Paul Rand on Twitter


Joe Pulizzi, Founder & Chief Content Officer, Junta42, and co-author, Get Content. Get Customers

Allan Schoenberg, Director of Corporate Communications, CME Group

Gary Spangler, Corporate eMarketing Manager, DuPont

3:15 p.m.-3:45 p.m.
Networking Break

3:45 p.m.-4:45 p.m.
General Session Keynote
(Zurich Ballroom)

“Customer Engagement As a Strategy for Sustainable Growth”

Deep customer engagement is the exception, not the rule, in most b-to-b buyer-seller relationships. In fact, based on thousands of buyer interviews it conducts every year, Gallup says only 16% of business buyers feel "fully engaged" with their suppliers. The reason? Too many sellers focus too heavily on price, speed, etc.—attributes easily mimicked by competitors—and too few focus on leveraging emotional connections. In this session, you will learn how to differentiate your company by better managing the emotional connections you have with your customers.

Ed O'Boyle, Global Practice Leader, Brand and Customer Engagement, Gallup Consulting

4:45 p.m.-5:45 p.m.
General Session Keynote
(Zurich Ballroom)
“Measuring Engagement”   Join the discussion at Join "Measuring Engagement" on LinkedIn
Who better to spell out the latest techniques for measuring audience engagement than Pat LaPointe, whose advisory firm, MarketingNPV, has worked with CMOs and CFOs of global 1000 companies for 25 years to measure and improve the payback on marketing investments? In this final session of day two, Pat will present three frameworks for measuring engagement. He will define what to measure and then show how you can track the effectiveness and value of your b-to-b marketing investments in engaging internal and external audiences.

Pat LaPointe, Managing Partner, MarketingNPV Follow Pat LaPointe on Twitter

5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
9th Annual BMA/Chicago Windy City BizBash
The Murphy
50 E. Erie

The Windy City Biz Bash, co-located last year and this June with the national conference, is the BMA/Chicago chapter's annual fundraising auction and networking party. Last year, nearly 75 national conference attendees dropped in on BizBash to meet and network with national attendees and BMA/Chicago members. The evening consists of an open bar, appetizers, a live and silent auction (bidding is completely optional) and valuable networking.

Click here for Wednesday, June 2, agenda.

Click here for Friday, June 4, agenda.

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