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Social Media



Event Sponsor:

At BMA's 2009 "UNlearn" conference, an 8-person social-media team generated substantial conference content, while our audience generated 1,000+ tweets and dozens of blog posts.

Go here to see (now available to all) the 2009 content repository page.

In 2010, "Engage" will take conference-based social media to an entire new level!

Social Media Tools

Twitter—For now, follow Engage on Twitter for the latest pre-conference announcements. During the conference, engage with fellow conference go-ers on Twitter at the official conference hashtag: #bmaengage. 



WIFFITI—BMA will use WIFFITI technology, which combines the functionality of Text to Screen, Photo to Screen, Twitter to Screen, and Flickr to Screen in one customizable app to create a location-relevant social media experience, complete with built-in profanity filtering.


YouTube—Watch Engage on video segments produced by our social media team, conference attendees and Google's on-site video crew (see below) once the conference is under way. For now, you can view our fun Second City-produced music video as well as 2009 conference videos, including short and longer versions of BMA's reenactment of McGraw-Hill's classic "Man in the Chair" ad.


LinkedIn—Join Engage at our master LinkedIn Group, BMA Engage, and at any of 20 Sub-Groups that BMA and conference sponsor LinkedIn have created to correspond to 20 different conference keynote and breakpout sessions. Keynoters, moderators and panelists are being asked to engage with conference go-ers in their respective Sub-Groups.


Any volunteers to help us create and manage a Facebook page for Engage? 

Social Media Team

Under the leadership of national BMA board member Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group, Engage will have a large and experienced social media team documenting the Engage conference via tweets, blog posts and video interviews. Confirmed team members, as of May 14, include:

Social Media Portal

With the generous help of Live Marketing, BMA also will produce an online conference portal, called Engage Live!, which will look a bit like the prototype version shown below.


Engage Live! will serve as your "Grand Central Station" for easy attendee access to:

• Live streaming video of selected conference events
• Other conference-related video (interviews, user generated video) from our Google YouTube channel 
• Live Wiffiti display of tweet feeds (when conference video is not running)
• Live Twitter feed from #bmaengage and other BMA Twitter domains
• Coverage by BtoB magazine and other business media
• Official and attendee-generated blog posts
• Archived audio recordings of various conference sessions (several-hour delay)
• Still photos from our Flickr page
• LinkedIn Group and Sub-Group posts
• Facebook updates
• Speaker decks (where permitted)
• Conference news, updates and announcements

The portal will be updated several times an hour by the Live Marketing producers and technicians, and the production area will be open for all to watch at a to-be-designated location either in the Zurich ballroom or the registration area. Observers will be able to both monitor the human production activity as well as the frequent portal updates via a large plasma screen

Conference attendees who shoot still photos or videos during the conference are welcome to email or bring thumb drives of their files to the production team to be uploaded into an area of Engage Live! specifically set aside for attendee-generated content. 

Google Video Team to Shoot Video at "Engage" for FastForward

Google, a conference sponsor, will be sending a video team to Engage to conduct video interviews with senior marketers for its popular FastForward website for marketers and agencies. While much of the video will go through post-production before being available to conference goers, Google will shoot some video that will immediately be posted on Engage Live!





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