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Things B-to-B Marketers Say Hold Them Back

In February, BMA asked a group of about 50 business-to-business marketing professionals—half senior corporate marketers and half agency leaders and other providers—to answer a simple question, “What holds you back in your job?”

The response was immediate and and voluminous—and passionate. Feelings clearly ran strong on this subject, and we felt like we’d hit a nerve. It was this outpouring that led BMA to cement the “Unleash” theme and use the “Let nothing hold you back” sub-theme on the conference website.

Poring through all the responses, someone suggested we do a word cloud, or "Wordle." Here it is. And you can download a high-res image here.


Download a PDF of the above "Word Cloud."
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“Word Cloud” created using Wordle™, from original text entered at www.wordle.net.