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"Unleash Your B-to-B Media Partners"

B-to-b media companies always have provided b-to-b marketers and agencies with unparalelled access to vertical audiences through advertising, databases, events and PR. These days, many media firms are adding more marketing services capabilities, including social media, mobile solutions and content marketing programs to generate and nurture leads. Some media firms, like Meredith and Penton, have even acquired outside agencies. Learn how b-to-b media are becoming even more potent marketing services partners and how to unleash the new value they bring.


Michael Marchesano, Managing Director, Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.


Dean Horowitz, eMedia & Market Intelligence, Vance Publishing   

Kim Paulsen, Senior Vice President, Penton Media

Mitch Rouda, President, e-Media, Farm Journal Media 

Click here for Kim's presentation deck.

Click here for Mitch's presentation deck.

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