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"Unleash Your Customers"

A revolution is underway in the value customers create. They don’t just purchase anymore—today’s customers will promote you in a dozen ways, they’ll contribute high-value information and knowledge, they’ll freely collaborate to improve your products and services, they’ll get you access to their  C-suite. They’ll help build powerful customer communities, spread positive word of mouth, build your authentic brand and sharpen your strategy. They are literally revolutionizing marketing, sales, product development and strategy. Join us to learn how to tap this “hidden wealth.”


Bill Lee, President, Customer Strategy Group, Customer Reference Forum, Executive Director, the Summit on Customer Engagement, and author of the forthcoming Harvard Business Review Press book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers (Fall 2011)


Carol O'Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer, RedPrairie 

Kathy Seegebrecht, Vice President, Marketing & Brand, Navistar 

Tom Wong, and former Vice President, Customer Marketing Programs,  

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