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"Unleash Your Front Lines"

You’ve analyzed data, studied customer needs and built solid marketing plans to achieve your company’s goals. Yet much of your success depends on front-line employees—customer service, sales and tech support people—who interact with customers every day. Have they bought into your plans? Will they correctly present your programs and effectively convey your company’s value proposition and brand? And will they provide service that keeps customers coming back. Hear from marketing leaders who have successfully unleashed their front lines to improve business results.


Ian Heller, VP, Marketing and Merchandising, White Cap Construction Supply 


Francois Dufour, Senior Director, Marketing, Recruiting Solutions, LinkedIn  

John Fox, President, Venture Marketing; Chief Marketing Advisor, Mercantec; and author, 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain and Marketing-Playbook: Your Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing  

Leigh Segall, Principal, Accelerated Market Strategies and Senior Strategist, Leapfrog Online, and Former Chief Marketing Officer, The SAVO Group 

Unleash Your Front Lines - Q&A

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