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 "Unleash Your Agency"

Led by Emerson CMO Kathy Button Bell, a senior corporate marketer with years of experience directing and managing marketing communications agencies, this session will feature four highly respected national b-to-b marketing agency leaders who will discuss what their best clients do to bring out their best. Whether you hire and manage agencies today, or might in the future, learn how to manage one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever have and how to unleash their talent to maximize the contributions they make to your organization and to your career.


Katherine Button Bell, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson, and national BMA board member  


John Favalo, Managing Partner, Director of Business-to-Business, Eric Mower & Associates, and national BMA board member  

Howard Sherman, President, Doremus & Co., and national BMA board member 

Tom Stein, President & CEO, Stein + Partners Brand Activation, and national BMA board member 

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