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BMA BUZZ - September 5, 2013

B2B Rising gathers force in New York, Colorado
The B2B Rising conference series heads to New York and Colorado this month. The events bring together a community of marketers who will explore the innovation unleashed by unprecedented change in the b2b industry.

"Event measurement, while modestly complex, need not be difficult," writes Barry Seidenstat. The owner of ROI Communication Solutions explores practical measurement techniques and applications in BMA-Colorado's Advice from the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing.
By Aaron Kahlow 
If you're reading this, it's safe to assume you have already extended yourself into the social world. But despite having checked "Yes" to that social media box, there is a feeling that something is missing. We are all using social media, but are we using it right?
Information security is not just a concern for IT departments, says Steve Perkins, SVP-marketing and solutions at security firm Accuvant. The rise of Big Data demands that marketers become stewards of customer information and corporate assets. He offered BMA Buzz a preview of his Sept. 24 SoCal presentation "Information Security Risk for Business Leaders and Marketing Execs." 
An effective digital strategy can give events marketers a competitive edge, according to a report from industry leaders. The report serves as a playbook for marketers, offering actionable tips. George P. Johnson Experience Marketing Agency partnered with key players in the face-to-face arena to produce this insight.
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