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BMA BUZZ - December 5, 2013

Omobono: Insight to help advance digital marketing
The B2B industry can be an opaque environment, says Fran Brosan, chair of UK-based digital marketing agency Omobono. "So much of B2B happens in industry silos or is commercially confidential," she writes. "It's much harder for B2B marketers to see what their peers are doing, or what's been successful." So in 2011 the company launched a research initiative to shed light on industry norms and best practices. This year, the agency partnered with the BMA to produce a U.S. version of its digital benchmarking report. Read more.'
Advice: "Just Give Me the Facts"
Maria van Dessel and Charles H. Patti take a look at the place of both literal and symbolic marketing messages in the B2B landscape. In a chapter excerpted from BMA Colorado's Advice from the Top, the authors unveil the market research that shaped the message at technology company Protelco.Read more.

Art & science: Crafting corporate brand strategy
By Ryan Rieches, CEO and co-founder of RiechesBaird
Courage. It's the most important trait for an executive team to call upon when defining their corporate brand strategy. It takes guts to venture into unchartered territory and stand out from the rest of the field. When a company commits a blunder, it can mean years of missed opportunities. But when a team nails a visionary brand strategy, it can establish trust, acceptance and loyalty, and lead to sustainable business growth. Read more.

Qaqish: Connecting content marketing to revenue
Many marketers struggle to connect their content marketing programs to revenue, according to a study released last month by the Lenskold Group. The solution goes beyond the mere adoption of marketing automation tools, writes Debbie Qaqish, principal and chief strategy officer at The Pedowitz Group, the revenue-marketing agency that sponsored the research. Read more.

TriComB2B identifies touch points that matter
Marketing agency TriComB2B takes a look at the elements that influence buyer decisions in its 2013 report, "The Considered Purchase Decision: What Matters, What Doesn't and What It Means." The online survey of 443 North American respondents tackles the performance of video, mobile and social.Read more.

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