Employees Valuable in Helping Marketers Build Brand Value

New research summary shows power of people-centered investment


December 13, 2012, NAPERVILLE, IL  – Marketing leaders today are under strong pressure to prove return on investment with every marketing or advertising dollar spent. In addition to concentrating on their traditional customer audiences, marketers need to harness the knowledge and talent of a company’s employees to build brand reputation. A new research summary produced by the business thought leadership organization, The Forum: Business Results Through People, shows that an organization’s own employees are valuable advocates for a company, its products, and services.
The report, “Unleash the Power of Employee Lifetime Value,” is the latest in The Forum’s series of targeted and concise research packages designed for marketing executives. Dr. Frank Mulhern of Northwestern University, who conducted the original research for the report, said, “Often overlooked, employee populations, when engaged and loyal, can provide an accretive value to both internal and external marketing efforts.”

In the report, Dr. Mulhern introduces marketing leaders to the concept of “Employee Lifetime Value,” which demonstrates that an employee’s contribution to the success of an organization can be identified through a quantitative measure of long-term financial value. “This approach,” Mulhern said, “helps to realign employee value (and the many opportunities to increase it) as a critical, long-term investment in an organization, rather than merely a line-item cost.”

Dr. Mulhern suggests that marketing leaders can improve Employee Lifetime Value for their companies and their own marketing efforts by involving employees in the design of internal and external marketing initiatives, making sure internal and external messaging is clear and consistent, and by supporting company employee engagement programs. 

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