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In research from BMA and Forrester*, 97% of B2B marketers said that they must take on new activities to be successful in today’s demanding environment. They’re being judged on their success and failures at a faster rate by their leadership and feel overwhelmed by the speed of change. While the breadth and depth of skills marketers need has increased dramatically, finding the right combination of people and skills proves daunting.

Traditional marketing approaches no longer sync with changing customer behavior. What’s required is a new type of marketer who can lead their companies out of traditional silos and unify and collaborate across their organization.

That’s why BMA focuses on delivering timely, relevant resources to B2B marketers in areas that prove crucial to strengthening their own skills, and the skills of their teams, to take on new demands. The BMA Knowledge Center offers thousands of resources - from white papers and surveys to interviews and thought leadership - that give greater clarity of the marketing horizon and help marketers steer confidently in that direction. 

Millennials as B2B Buyers
As the Millennial generation becomes the dominant population in the workforce by 2020, they will also gain significant prominence as consumers of business-to-business marketing information, significantly influencing the decision-making process. As B2B marketers, we need to understand how technology adoption blurs the lines between business and personal information for Millennials, and what that means for  how we look at the access and messages we use to connect with them. This report highlights specific characteristics of the Millennial Generation that impact our work as B2B marketers as we look to engage, nurture and foster relationships with this group as B2B buyers. 


Millennials in the Workplace
Born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s, the Millennial Generation emerges as the result of a variety of influences. As the first group to come into adulthood immersed in technology, they symbolize the most ethnically and radically diverse generation of modern times. Experts anticipate that millennials will transform the current workforce from one dominated by workaholic baby boomers to one predominantly composed of new age thinkers. This report highlights aspects of the millennial perspective, what to prepare for as their population and influence increase in the workplace, and how B2B companies attract them as employees.


Key Findings from BMA, Forrester and Online Marketing Institute’s Recent Joint Survey
Creating content that attracts attention and builds customer relationships requires a fundamental shift from writing about features and benefits to delivering valuable information that drives business results. To understand how well business-to-business (B2B) marketers are making this transition, we surveyed 113 senior marketers to gauge their content development sophistication and maturity. 

The Forum: Business Results Through People
To reinforce its vision of delivering relevant content, studies and research to help business-to-business (b2b) marketers advance their education and improve their skills, the Business Marketing Association has announced a strategic alliance with the FORUM: Business Results Through People.


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BMA SmartBrief
With over 7,000 subscribers, BMA SmartBrief, daily news for b2b marketers, delivers the latest need-to-know industry news and information smart decision makers need. With so much information out there and so little time in the day to read it all, the stories are meticulously picked for content, and delivered straight to subscribers' inboxes or mobile devices - with the most relevant and important news - summarized, linked to the original sources, and delivered to you for FREE in one-stop-shop daily e-newsletters.


B2B Marketing Articles
The B2B-centric knowledge center is the perfect place for marketers seeking experiential marketing insights on what works and what doesn't.

Industry Surveys and Market Research

  • Secure the Trust of Your Brand, How Security and IT Integrity Influence Corporate Reputation (CMO Council)
  • Branding Survey
  • Salary Survey
  • Trade Show Trends Survey
  • Budget Allocation Survey
  • Agency Compensation Survey
  • Project Costs Survey
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