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Professional Development

Committed to providing world-class professional development to equip B-to-B marketing practitioners with the skills to increasingly contribute to their organizations’ profitable revenue growth and market success, BMA is implementing a totally new approach to professional development that expands the offerings available to all levels of B-to-B marketers, provides new skills assessment tools and updates the marketing certification process.

This new approach includes agreements with the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) to offer a Core B-to-B Marketing Seminar series and with the Business Marketing Institute (BMI) and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council for assessment, training and certification programs. In addition, we work with individual BMA chapters and other organizations to share seminars, educational courses and best-practice program material. Additional opportunities are being developed as part of BMA’s vision to be “The premier provider of professional development for B-to-B marketers.”

BMI and CMO Council Certification Programs

BMA members also have access to two certification programs. The Business Marketing Institute provides three online modules leading to B-to-B marketing certification: Marketing Skills Assessment (MS/A), Marketing Skills Builder (MS/B) and Marketing Skills Certification (MS/C). This multi-module program emphasizes promotional tactics and includes a comprehensive desktop reference and study guide, The Marketing Manager’s Handbook.

The Marketing Performance Measurement (MPM) certification from the CMO Council offers senior marketing executives, as well as their staff, the opportunity assess their marketing measurement skills and learn new techniques from acknowledged experts. Click here for details.

Other Programs

Other programs designed to advance the B-to-B marketing skills of BMA members will be announced as they are developed.

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