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Affinity Benefits / Partnerships

BtoB Magazine, the leading publication for marketing strategists, is extending a special offer to qualified BMA members to subscribe to their publication. 

BtoB Magazine delivers timely editiorial on all disciplines of business-to-business marketing, including information and analysis you need to develop a winning integrated marketing strategy for your company.  For more information, visit the BMA home page "Featured Items" section.

Chief Marketing Officer Council: From time to time, BMA cooperates with the CMO Council to provide relevant industry research of great value to BMA members. Watch the BMA website for more information, or visit www.cmocouncil.org for more information about the Council.

Institute for the Study of Business Marketing (ISBM) BMA partners with ISBM to offer its members access to quality seminars. Find information at www.isbm.smeal.psu.edu.

PR Newswire/PR Toolkit: As the world leader in news distribution for over 50 years, PR Newswire is viewed by the media as a valuable source for legitimate and accurate news.PR Newswire delivers your news directly into the central editing computers at daily newspapers, newsweeklies, national news services such as the Associated Press, Dow Jones and Reuters, trade publications and broadcast newsrooms.

The PR Toolkit
BMA Members have access to the PR Toolkit that provides a host of valuable resources including:

  • News release writing tips
  • Six simple steps for turning your company into a heavily quoted source
  • Photo usage guidelines
  • Information to help you choose the appropriate distribution

Answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • What is a news release?
  • Why does my company need a newswire to send out its message?
  • When should I issue a news release?

Special Offers and Discounts for BMA Members*

BMA members will receive special offers and discounts available only through the PR Toolkit on the BMA Web site. These benefits include:

  • Waiver of first year PR Newswire membership fee
  • Free MEDIAtlas™ Microlist with first domestic news release distribution, offering supplemental reach to reporters covering specific segments of the Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Entertainment, Energy, Education, Policy, Legal, Transport and Travel sectors
  • Discounts on eWatch™ Web Pubs, which monitors thousands of online publications for what is being said about your company
  • Discounts on ProfNet which connects you to journalists seeking commentary from an expert source in your industry giving you the opportunity to gain invaluable media exposure

*Offer available to new PR Newswire customers only

To Get Started:  Go to the PR Toolkit at http://toolkit.prnewswire.com/bma and select Request More Information. A PR Newswire account manager will contact you to help you get started. No risk. No obligation.

Visit the "Featured Items" section at the BMA home page for additional opportunities available to members.