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The Business Marketing Institute provides three online modules leading to B-to-B marketing certification: Marketing Skills Assessment (MS/A), Marketing Skills Builder (MS/B) and Marketing Skills Certification (MS/C).

The multi-module program emphasizes promotional tactics. The Marketing Skills Assessment module measures the marketing manager’s background knowledge, skill levels, and overall competency. The Marketing Skills Builder is a personalized training program, custom-developed from the results obtained in the Skills Assessment Module. The Marketing Skills Certification tests and certifies the marketing manager’s knowledge and skills. Although both Marketing Skills Assessment and Marketing Skills Builder modules are study and practice tools used in preparation for the MSC examination, test-takers may take the certification exam without prior use of the MSA/MSB tools.

BMI also offers a comprehensive desktop reference and study guide, The Marketing Manager’s Handbook.

For a free demo and more information on the BMI program, go to the BMI web site, http://www.businessmarketinginstitute.com/.

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