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Agency Best Practices

Featured Article
You say procurement, I say punishment…
How many of you are following all the discussion in the advertising trades regarding the involvement of corporate purchasing departments in marketing and marketing communications functions?

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Successful Business Advertising  LOGIN REQUIRED

BMA White Paper - The Fundamentals and Techniques for Successful Business Advertising

Audits, Audiences and Comparability  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Audits, Audiences and Comparability in Today's Target Audience Environment

Agency/Client Relationships  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Guidelines for Maintaining Healthy Agency/Client Relationships

Effective advertising doesn't just happen  LOGIN REQUIRED
When it comes to creating awareness of a company's product or service it's hard to beat advertising. The concept is simple - send a message to as many people as possible, as often as possible.

Bigger is Not Better  LOGIN REQUIRED
In the 1960's, 1970's and on into the early 80's advertising agencies became bigger because their clients budgets grew. When there were not enough clients the larger agencies expanded by buying other agencies.

What's In It For Me?  LOGIN REQUIRED
My first job, in advertising, convinced me of a need to know more about the "how to" and "where do I get" of my daily assignments.

The Seven-to-One Solution LOGIN REQUIRED
Ravaged by the winds of recession, advertising agencies have to scramble for ways to survive. Reports of layoffs are commonplace during times like these but the effects are much more profound.

Stretch Your Ad Budget  LOGIN REQUIRED
10 Ways To Make Your Dollars Do More.

Small Advertising Budget? Stretch It  LOGIN REQUIRED
Why is it that when it comes to setting ad budgets, senior executives often suspend the principles of good management applied in all their other resource allocation decisions?

Advertising's True Test  LOGIN REQUIRED
Building relationships is just as important as creating awareness.

Marketing Vs. Advertising  LOGIN REQUIRED
Definitions Have Changed. Has Your Mindset?

You Can't Teach Ad Agencies Anything  LOGIN REQUIRED
The paradox that has been most fascinating to me during my 27 years in the advertising business is how pathetically inept ad agencies are at promoting and selling themselves.

The Lost Art of Making Magazine Ads  LOGIN REQUIRED
Bill Bernbach once said, "It's not just what you say that stirs people, it's the way that you say it."

Overcoming the Shoddy Majority  LOGIN REQUIRED
We need to topple advertising's false god

A Meditation on Advertising  LOGIN REQUIRED
These days, it's hip to be into alternative media. And, I must admit, it's kind of fun to play with some of the new toys we now have available.

Writing Technology Advertising That Gets Results LOGIN REQUIRED
10 winning ways to make sure your copy hits the mark.

Advertising Techniques For More Leads  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your advertising has to work harder than ever before to earn a favorable return on investment. How? By generating more high-quality inquiries your salespeople, representatives, distributors or dealers can turn into sales.

Selecting a Marketing Communications Agency LOGIN REQUIRED
Selecting the right agency is no different from successful performance in your company’s other operations. Yet few executives do it often enough to achieve even minimum competence.

Ad Approvals: Developing a Win-Win Situation LOGIN REQUIRED
Most ad agencies feel that only a few clients allow them to do their best work. And clients often say there's room for improvement. This creates one of the biggest battlefields between advertisers and agencies: The subject of creative approvals.

Clients are from Mars, Agencies are from Venus LOGIN REQUIRED
The relationships between men and women are matches made in heaven compared to the hellish nightmare that often describes the bond between clients and their ad agencies.

B2B Advertising Should Be Like Juggling Babies LOGIN REQUIRED
Instead of looking at B2B ads from an academic, by-the-book stance, it may be more advantageous for advertisers to craft ads the way they might juggle babies.

Key Differences Between B2B and Consumer Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
Yes, there are similarities. But there are also differences in selling to business and professional buyers vs. the general public.

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