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Featured Article
Linking Distributors to Drive Worldwide Customer Value Management
Across vertical markets, Customer Value Management (CVM) has become a watchword for those companies that seek to move beyond general satisfaction measurement among their customers to find more meaningful, insightful ways of quantifying how customers
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Using CMM to Tear Down Sales/Marketing Walls Helps Boost Productivity Co-operation and the Bottom Line LOGIN REQUIRED
When farmers think of silos, visions of grain storage and agricultural operating efficiencies pop into their heads. When marketers think of silos…

Customer Relationship Management  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Customer Relationship Management: Hot topics - cold facts

Customer Insight  LOGIN REQUIRED
As data floods in, organizations have never had a better picture of their customers. But without insight, it's a picture that won't come into focus.

Defining 'Moments of Truth' in a Business Customer’s Lifecycle  LOGIN REQUIRED
There are several critical times during a customer’s relationship where a decision is made – by the customer – to continue or discontinue interacting with a company

Strategic Sales Lead Qualification: Why do it, How to do it, and What it can mean to you and your firm LOGIN REQUIRED
A shared B2B Internet interest group participant of a large international marketing association recently queried members as follows:

Transforming Marketing and Sales  LOGIN REQUIRED
Transforming Marketing and Sales into a System to Manufacture Customers

Don't Just Measure -- Plan!  LOGIN REQUIRED
Customer satisfaction is "hot" in the '90s, with companies large and small conducting all varieties of surveys to measure it. But fewer companies have developed comprehensive customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) programs with explicit plans..

29 Places to Look for Good Newsletter Items LOGIN REQUIRED
Coming up with good story ideas is one of the toughest tasks in publishing a company newsletter. Here are 29 places where you can find just the right newsletter item.

Are Your Talking to Yourself? LOGIN REQUIRED
Some time back, a local church asserted that my children’s elementary school was a purveyor of “outcome-based education”—a bugaboo for many —and was said to be organizing a public protest.

Listen to Your Ads LOGIN REQUIRED
If you’re like most marketing executives, you read the copy for your advertising, brochures, and other communications material very carefully. You want to make sure the information is correct and presented in an attractive, readable manner.

Managing your greatest Asset  LOGIN REQUIRED
Customer relationships are a company's single greatest asset, but the management of those relationships is often neglected. As a consequence, rather than appreciating in value, this precious asset depreciates.

Customer Marketing: Beyond the window dressing  LOGIN REQUIRED
Today everyone's talking about putting the customer first. We all want to be customer-driven, customer-centered, bonded one-to-one to our best customers with super glue.

Share-of-Market Feeds the Ego  LOGIN REQUIRED
Share of market still survives as the leading measure of business success. And we send ourselves a variety of reassuring messages to keep it that way

10 tips for building stronger client relationship  LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are ten tips for building stronger client relationships. Companies that have a solid relationships with their clients will fare better than others.

Measuring Customer Migration  LOGIN REQUIRED
When you measure customer migration you're measuring the buying behavior of your customer base over a period of time. More appropriately, you're measuring the buying behavior of individuals within your customer base.

Winning The Value Revolution  LOGIN REQUIRED
Your customers are demanding more, yet looking for ways to pay less. You're facing new and hungrier competitors. You're being challenged as never before to differentiate your firm's products in a "commodity market." And you're not alone.

Separate but Unequal  LOGIN REQUIRED
Building relationships is just as important as creating awareness.

Customer-Focused Marketing: Key to Fiscal Success  LOGIN REQUIRED
You have heard it all before---and probably pounded on the desk at least a few times to emphasize its importance: "The customer is king! Without him, nobody around here gets paid!"

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