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Global Marketing

Featured Article
Now Every Firm Can Have a Global Reach
According to Jack Welch, one of this nation’s most successful CEO’s, today’s "organizations must globalize or they die."
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100 Measurement Stories Don’t Add Up to Any Great Insight  LOGIN REQUIRED
Most large marketing organizations have made significant strides in the development of sophisticated methods to improve marketing measurement. Ph.D. mathematicians are commonly on staff, stewarding elaborate survey research, media-mix models, and analytical models for assessing the return from proposed initiatives.

How Any Type of Company Can Use The Voice of the Customer to Make Better Products or Provide Better Service  LOGIN REGUIRED
Most of us have had the experience of purchasing a pleasing, elegantly designed product that we would never buy again for reasons unrelated to the product.

Don't leave your translation needs to chance LOGIN REQUIRED

Both emerging and established companies are focusing more on markets outside the United States. Translation services have become a vital, but all-too-often undervalued element of international business.

Five Tips To Improve International Documents LOGIN REQUIRED
While developing specialized documentation in a variety of languages can be an expensive and time consuming process, it must be looked upon as a business investment and marketing necessity. Here are some tips on how to improve your efforts.

Conducting Research Abroad  LOGIN REQUIRED
International market research has become a key ingredient in the marketing mix of many American companies. But conducting research in other countries can be tricky.

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