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Magazine Advertising Research

Featured Article
Are Publishers Providing What Advertisers and Media Buyers Need? 
As head of an organization that counts both media owners and media buyers as members, BPA Worldwide president/CEO Glenn Hansen finds himself in an interesting position to witness the mindsets on both ends of the marketplace, of the sellers and the buyers.
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Repetition is the foundation of communications. Studies have shown that more readers see ads when they are repeated over time

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Advertisers convinced that ads placed in the front of a magazine will be read more than ads placed in the back? Watch someone read a magazine. Do they stop halfway through? Three-quarters?

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Ad location has little to do with readership according to a study of ratings from 329 left page ads and 1,118 right-page ads.

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Whether or not an ad faces editorial has little to do with readership according to a study of scores from 891 1-page, 4-color ads that faced editorial and 556 ads that did not.

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