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Public Relations

Featured Article
Publicity Planner for 2010 LOGIN REQUIRED
Each year for the past five years I've created an annual publicity plan to help people look ahead and map out their ideas for publicity throughout the year.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Web-based Public Relations Service LOGIN REQUIRED
As public relations counsel for your company or clients, one of your jobs is to develop a comprehensive plan.

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Competitive Analysis Supercharges PR Results for Industrial and High-Tech Companies LOGIN REQUIRED
In the 1980’s and 1990’s advertising was king for industrial and high-tech companies.  But times have changed, and now PR has moved to center stage. 

Techniques to Maximize Tradeshow Value with Public Relations LOGIN REQUIRED
Each year as the summer draws to an end, public relations agencies and their clients find themselves amidst the excitement of tradeshow season

Media Relations  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper: Media Relations - Working with the Trade and Business Press: -A PrimerNew text object

Press Release Fundamentals  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Press Release Fundamentals

Preparing News Release Deliverables  LOGIN REQUIRED
BMA White Paper - Preparing News Release Deliverables

When to Consider Hiring a Professional Product Publicity Firm  LOGIN REQUIRED
Hiring a professional Public Rela-tions (PR) firm is not for every company, but can be the swiftest route to increased sales, profits, and market credibility in some circumstances.

Where's the Power? What's the Point?  LOGIN REQUIRED
Most of the 30 million PowerPoint presentations delivered each day have little power and hardly any point.

Listen To The Electronic Grapevine  LOGIN REQUIRED
We all know that bad service stories travel fast. But as communications technology advances, the question becomes how fast and, more importantly, how far?

Good Execution Can Capture Mindshare.

Meet the Press  LOGIN REQUIRED
Giving good media to build your business.

Customer-Value Analysis  LOGIN REQUIRED
Ask your customers to help manage your company.

Relationships without Legwork  LOGIN REQUIRED
Online communication requires the PR touch.

10 Ways to a Bad Business Name  LOGIN REQUIRED
Looking to create more hurdles to your company’s success? One of the easiest ways is to misstep from the outset with a name for your company that won’t resonate with your customers.

News Content Analysis LOGIN REQUIRED
A Cost-efficient PR Tool

You Don’t Have To Yell Louder-Just Find Your Voice  LOGIN REQUIRED
As the publicity battle intensifies, small business discovers both challenge and opportunity.

The Potential of The Modest Publicity Release LOGIN REQUIRED
Often overlooked because it seems so insignificant or relatively unimportant, the simple publicity release holds great potential.

Why Take Your News to the Journalists  LOGIN REQUIRED
When You Can Bring Them to Your News?

Capturing Clips is Critical  LOGIN REQUIRED
Public relations pros look ahead not behind. They're looking at the next big issue, the next trend, product introduction or trade show, not where they've been.

Ten Tips On Creating Video News Releases  LOGIN REQUIRED
Video news releases (VNRs) can be a cost-efficient vehicle for spreading messages and awareness through the mass media.

The Ten Most Common PR Mistakes  LOGIN REQUIRED
Good PR requires a good measure of planning and effort to work.

Ghostwriting For Trade Publications  LOGIN REQUIRED
When you're considering a purchase for business, which do you feel is a more reliable source of information—an ad agency's brochure or a case study written by a knowledgeable user of the product?

News Hook Key To Placements in Horizontal Press  LOGIN REQUIRED
While most trade magazines willingly publish press releases, the horizontal press is far more selective about what qualifies as "news."

PR's Biggest Challenge  LOGIN REQUIRED
The computer has permeated everything we think and do. The collective intelligence of businesses large and small is stored on systems. We communicate with people half way around the globe instantly on the Internet.

Agencies Should Offer In-House PR Research  LOGIN REQUIRED
Most marketing experts agree that the economic downturn and post-September 11 cautiousness has spurred a re-allocation of advertising dollars toward less expensive and more credible public relations.

How's Your Corporate Reputation?  LOGIN REQUIRED
According to Gilfeather, there are three key concepts that guide corporate perceptions among the public.

Selecting a database marketing resource  LOGIN REQUIRED
To get the most out of your database, you need to get the most out of the company that manages it. Read these general questions to get down to the real issues and to make sure your investment becomes a true resource

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