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Strategy / Positioning

Featured Article
B2B Marketing: Key trends for 2011 and beyond Smart B2B marketing professionals continually evaluate their budgets and look for fresh ways to carry out marketing plans that get results. Each company has unique goals, as well as challenges, and what works for one company may not for another – there are no universal marketing solutions. Nevertheless, the same key trends impact every company, and marketers who capitalize on these trends will be better positioned to achieve their goals and objectives.

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On a Tight Budget? How to Land New Clients Anyway Want lots more business without spending a fortune on a campaign? No matter what industry you are in, increasing your sales is about connecting with the right target audience and providing them information that addresses their pain points.

A Research Report Showing the Impact of  'Identity Strength' on Employee Engagement and Business Performance LOGIN REQUIRED
Over a year in design and execution, a new survey--The Identity Impact Survey--released in October, 2009, demonstrates quantitatively the connection between identity strength--both organizational and individual--and business results

Showcasing Customer Successes: Marketing's Answer for Nervous Buyers LOGIN REQUIRED
Buyers are always conscientious when making purchases. But when budgets and bank accounts shrink, they become even more risk-averse.

Creativity: It's Not Just for Advertising LOGIN REQUIRED
Brands used to be constants, locked in concrete. Now the only constant is change. So, how can one be prepared to influence change in order to not only survive, but thrive, in turbulent times?

Innovating Your Customer's Value Chain to Increase the Value of Your Own Product Offering LOGIN REQUIRED
The threat of commoditization and the resulting pressure on prices is nothing new – companies have always faced them.  But for many B2B product-oriented (and service) firms, the current economy’s impact on profitability is especially challenging

Keys to Keeping Customers in Good Times and Bad LOGIN REQUIRED
While it’s important to keep a close tab on financial metrics, in the last few months, owners have turned numbers into an hourly obsession, as they watch the stock market fluctuate while banks tighten lending and consumer confidence wavers. This anxiety is prompting more and more owners to ask what they can do to bring greater stability to their business in order to ride out the recession and ensure their company comes out on top.

Four Key Processes to Optimize Your Marketing Organization's Performance LOGIN REQUIRED
Performance management is about understanding where money is being spent, for what purpose, and how these activities are affecting the business.  While many parts of an organization are already deploying performance management practices, marketing remains one of the final frontiers for performance management.

Gain a Competitive Advantage: Apply Continuous Improvement to the Process for Managing Customer Loyalty LOGIN REQUIRED
Management practices are seldom subjected to process improvement, particularly in small to mid-size companies.   The management practices established early in the life of a company often continue with little change as the company grows in size and complexity.

Look Out for Left Field LOGIN REQUIRED
Step back, take a look around and ensure you are incorporating a fresh perspective into your objectives and strategies. Be sure your team includes individuals who aren’t managing the business daily.

The Advantage of Loyalty LOGIN REQUIRED
In the transparent, global and dynamic markets of the last decade customers are becoming less loyal but, in the business-to-business sector, established relationships are still seen as a valuable asset.

Thriving in a Downturn Economy - Top Strategies to Recession-Proof Your Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
It’s official. The country has officially begun its descent into a Recession. Legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett believes that the economy has entered into a recession and recent events confirm the prediction in a dramatic way.

Taking Thought Leadership by the Horns LOGIN REQUIRED
Business-to-business technology companies often face two combined hurdles: how to generate content for marketing and sales and how to increase leads for the sales team.

The Super Six of Strategy
How can something be as desirable as a month in Costa Rica (without a cell phone), as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster and seemingly as difficult to accomplish as acing a genetics final while hung over? LOGIN REQUIRED

Beyond the 4Ps: The 5Ts of Marketing LOGIN REQUIRED
CMOs of global companies are confronted with unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Many CMOs have commissioned a marketing operations organization to tackle these challenges.
Building upon the 5Ts of Marketing Operations LOGIN REQUIRED
Learning is the operative word when it comes to maturity. The ability of an organization to learn – to become a learning organization – is fundamental to its long-term development.

Instituting Innovation: Tell-All Advice from 4 Leading Practitioners LOGIN REQUIRED
Is innovation implemented as a mind-set, a process, or a deliverable?

For Success in Your New Job - or Old One LOGIN REQUIRED
Employers promote workers for basically the same reason they hired them in the first place

Jumpstarting Innovation in Your Company  LOGIN REQUIRED
Organizations often speak to innovation as a strategic imperative for growth and set up teams to focus on “innovation-based” growth initiatives.

Ten Steps to Deploying Self-Directed Teams LOGIN REQUIRED
How can teams be fielded to deliver both the advantages of small teams and the power of a larger organization?

Stop Taking Your Career Personally  LOGIN REQUIRED
Not getting what you want in your career these days? Are the resumes you’ve been sending not getting a response? Are your phone calls or e-mail not getting replies?

Wag the Tagline: The Rhetoric of Brand Messaging LOGIN REQUIRED
The news proclaiming the demise of the tagline has been greatly exaggerated. As a matter of fact, the tagline is alive and well – just grossly underappreciated.

Why Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work (and how to create plans that do)  LOGIN REQUIRED
Strategic planning in most companies goes something like this:

Marketing Audits  LOGIN REQUIRED
How to implement a program that can identify where change is needed, improve sales productivity and increase customer retention.

Ten Keys to Putting the Right Online Face Toward China  LOGIN REQUIRED
Since China was officially invited to join the World Trade Organization in November 2001, American businesses have been inundated with stories about the economic promise of China. As we've all read, it's not just hype.

Although we introduce 365 products a year, the majority of them failed. This was the market equivalent of cannon fodder - sending anything into the marketplace hoping that one in ten would survive.

Turning Failure Into Success  LOGIN REQUIRED
Win/loss studies aren't a new invention. In fact, some of the largest and most profitable US businesses have conducted sales post mortems for years to refine their selling strategies.

How To Survive In An Economic Ice Age  LOGIN REQUIRED
Anyone over the age of thirty who has been job-hunting recently will tell you it’s a much colder world out there than it was just two years ago.

Jumping the Fences of Our Mind  LOGIN REQUIRED
Between the tattered state of the economy, mass layoffs in a number of industries, and the increased threat to our national security, people everywhere are seeking solitude and answers. Unfortunately, many are looking in the wrong place.

The Case of the Ponderous Prospects  LOGIN REQUIRED
The day was gray and wet in the city that seldom buys. My feet were up on my beige metal desk and I wondered if my hand-made Zamboni loafers would ever dry out. I was getting around to wondering how I was going to cover rent when she burst in…

Business Intelligence: Tools for Advantage  LOGIN REQUIRED
Picture yourself in this real-life situation: your company prepares to roll out a new product; one that research has shown your prospects are ready, willing and anxious to embrace…

Environmentally Friendly Mailing Programs  LOGIN REQUIRED
26 Ideas That Help Protect The Environment

Save Dollars Lit Fulfillment  LOGIN REQUIRED
Seven Ways To Solve Fulfilment Woes.

Developing a Customized Communication Strategy  LOGIN REQUIRED
All customers are not the same. This is no revelation. But do you exploit these customer differences to get the most out of your communication program? You should.

How to Reduce Marketing Information Costs LOGIN REQUIRED
Here are 5 Ways You Can Use to Reduce Your Marketing Information Costs

Taglines Are It!  LOGIN REQUIRED
Use Them to Make Your Message Memorable

The "Vision" Thing…  LOGIN REQUIRED
Vision reflects the values, purpose and goals of your company. It guides and inspires your staff while it attracts the attention of vendors, prospects, investors and the press.

Ten Tips Toward Becoming a World Class Company  LOGIN REQUIRED
To gain the kind of speed it takes to win today, picture a tranquil farm instead of a checkered flag.

Sales & Marketing: How they can work as a team LOGIN REQUIRED
For many companies the terms sales and marketing frequently create confusion and conflict. Find out how your sales and marketing departments can work as a team.

Providing Tools To Support The Salesforce  LOGIN REQUIRED
To ensure that the salesforce can achieve their end of the bargain, marketers need to help in providing them with the very best sales and management tools to optimize their performance. Those tools could include….

The Dog and Pony Show: Dead on Arrival  LOGIN REQUIRED
Once upon a time, a slick presentation seemed like the best bet for wowing and wooing customers. And certainly the safest bet. After all, a well-crafted presentation covers all the bases, and emphasizes key points with sharply focused visual aids.

Buying is Where Selling Should Begin  LOGIN REQUIRED
Faced with increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity, today’s buyers are more sophisticated than they once were.

Hitch Your Wagon To A Sales Star  LOGIN REQUIRED
Ever wonder why sales, not marketing, gets all the people and all the budget bucks in the business-to-business environment? Don't wonder any more, just select a few of your company's top sales reps, take their lead and reap the rewards.

The Paradox Of Selling  LOGIN REQUIRED
There is almost a reverse psychology in selling... a sales paradox. That which seems to be one thing, yet is really another.

7 Reasons Salespeople Fail  LOGIN REQUIRED
Much has been written about how winners succeed. But very little has been mentioned about how the others fail. You are likely thinking “Why would I want to learn how to fail?” Learn to avoid these seven steps that make salespeople fail.

Defining Your Selling Process Goal  LOGIN REQUIRED
Still having trouble getting sales and marketing to work as a team? Run out of options? Maybe you're overlooking the obvious. Let's take a very basic approach to the problem for a moment, considering the meaning of a sale.

The Top 5 Sales Process Problems  LOGIN REQUIRED
Find out how you can improve your sales process by avoiding these common problems.

Rapid Positioning  LOGIN REQUIRED
With shrinking global markets, sound corporate positioning has never been more important or timely. Here are six steps to securing a strategy.

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