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Featured Article
Blending Technology with Fundamental Marketing
As a new B2B marketing study sponsored by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) indicates, it is best for companies to remember the time-honored fundamentals of entrepreneurship...
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E-Mail: Short-Term Pain or Long-Term Gain? LOGIN REQUIRED
A frank and lively discussion of marketing issues, by Mac McIntosh and Connie LaMotta

Electronic Marketing Campaigns  LOGIN REQUIRED
The Same Rules Apply…and Then Some

World Who? Dot Com What? Global-Whatever? Exhaustion…Overwhelmed…Brain Dead!  LOGIN REQUIRED
There is just too much information out there and it changes constantly. In 2003, it’s not the lack of information that is the obstacle to finding a job or expanding your marketing consulting opportunities

"On-demand domain is no place for a tortoise…"  LOGIN REQUIRED
Internet inventiveness of the last decade has led to extraordinary changes in how business is done.

Enterprise Content Management: The Ultimate Marketing Tools  LOGIN REQUIRED
In the past few years, many companies have developed strategies that involve the use of web sites as primary communication vehicles.

High-Technology Branding Deflates  LOGIN REQUIRED
Apparently, the release of air from the Internet bubble was accompanied by a similar deflation of high technology branding activities.

Real Businesses Send Spam Too  LOGIN REQUIRED
Unsolicited commercial email or Spam is growing at epidemic proportions. It is rapidly becoming the number one problem that Information Technology departments deal with on a day-to-day basis, surpassing computer viruses.

Is PowerPoint Killing Your Brand?  LOGIN REQUIRED
PowerPoint has been dubbed a “killer application” for corporate America. But is it also a killer application where your brand is concerned?

Going Online: The New Frontier in B2B Market Research  LOGIN REQUIRED
Online surveys are proliferating. Your customers now have the opportunity as never before to review extensive product information from all industry competitors, gather research reports on their industry and even review feedback from other customers.

The High Costs of Do-It-Yourself Internet Solutions and How to Avoid Them  LOGIN REQUIRED
Everybody knows at least one home improvement do-it-yourselfer. They love to talk about all the benefits of doing it themselves.

Aligning the Technology with Your Goals  LOGIN REQUIRED
Does this sound familiar - let’s take this document that we created that has some pictures we got from somewhere and make it into a PDF, throw it on a CD, stick a label on the sucker and send it out as a piece of collateral material to our clients.

Where's the Power? What's the Point?  LOGIN REQUIRED
Most of the 30 million PowerPoint presentations delivered each day have little power and hardly any point.

Technology and Creativity: The Best of Both Worlds  LOGIN REQUIRED
Technology allows things we used to dream about, but it's still just technology. It can't give us unique and great creative. Even technology companies are beginning to realize this.

Writing Technology Advertising That Gets Results  LOGIN REQUIRED
10 winning ways to make sure your copy hits the mark.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Web Site? LOGIN REQUIRED
Did you know that 85 percent of people begin their online research at a search engine? This proves that now, more than ever, companies must ensure their Web sites appear prominently within the major search engines to be successful.

Pitching Basics for Hi-Tech Press  LOGIN REQUIRED
Russell Barber provides a PR toolkit for internal marcom people tasked with "winning some ink."

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