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Are You Managing Your Personal Brand?

From BMA Knowledge Base
1.  Are you trusted?
Ask clients what agencies need to do to be of value. Ask agencies what makes a great client. One word keeps coming up: Trust. Do you act in a way that in-spires trust in others? How many of the people that you work with today do you really trust?

2.  Are you courteous?
I return phone calls quickly. (To me, that's just courteous.) How often do you leave calls unanswered? After requesting quotes on services or issuing RFP's, do you follow-up with everybody on the list to let them know the outcome? Do you take the time to help others with requests for information, even if it doesn't mean money in your pocket?

3.  Do you take pride in yourself?
The way I dress, the quality of my promotional materials and even typo-free e-mails are all part of my brand values. Do you take care in personal communications? Do you take pride in your physical surroundings and contribute to your -- and your company's brand looking professional?
4.  Do you keep promises?
A great two-word definition of brand is promises kept. Do you keep yours? In short, do you do what you say you are going to do? Five things you can do to protect your personal brand:

  • Be trust worthy. The fastest way to get the respect of other people is to be deserving of it.
  • Respect one another. Agency people, respect the clients as well as your agency cohorts. And clients, treat the agency with the same kind of respect you'd like to have in return.
  • Show concern for the quality of your communications with others. That includes everything from being on time for meetings to taking time to use correct grammar and spelling in e-mails.
  • Don't make promises you don't intend to keep. Think twice about not taking personal responsibility for getting things done.
  • Make humanity a part of your business. Make people inside and out-side your business as important as your work. Do stuff for others . . . for nothing. Just because it feels good.
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