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The only organization in the Minnesota formed exclusively to helping business-to-business marketers and communicators stay in touch and keep on top of the latest trends, products and strategies. BMA-Minnesota is here to help you (and your company) maximize your success.

Affiliated with the Business Marketing Association, an international professional growth and networking organization for business-to-business marketing and communications professionals, BMA-Minnesota was created to address the unique needs of those working within the business-to-business marketplace.

BMA —Minnesota is a lively forum.

  • Expand your business expertise
  • Empowering professional growth
  • Build relationships with other business-to-business marketers and communicators

Focused on business-to-business marketing and communications? We’re building an exciting chapter. Join us in BMA-Minnesota.


Website: http://www.bmaminnesota.org

For more information on BMA-Minnesota events:  http://www.bmaminnesota.org/upcoming-events.aspx

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