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BMA Bridge Program

BMA has established a program to help members should they become unemployed.

With the Membership Bridge Program, BMA membership can be sustained without dues payment during a period of unemployment. This allows unemployed members to retain access to valuable BMA resources as they seek new employment

Here’s how the Membership Bridge Program works:

  1. If you are unemployed when your annual membership renewal is due, contact BMA and advise them of your status. You will then be put in the Membership Bridge Program, which will extend your membership without dues payment for three (3) months.
  2. BMA will at that time confirm your current contact information (mailing address, phone, email, etc.).  You can also maintain your own member profile through the website at www.marketing.org.
  3. If you are still unemployed after the initial three (3) month extension, BMA is able to extend the membership an additional three (3) months, for a total of six (6) months of extended membership.  Contact BMA again to set up this additional extension.
  4. When you become re-employed, either by a company or as an independent consultant, notify BMA again. BMA will adjust your profile back to its regular membership classification and you will be able to pay your dues going forward.
  5. For more details, or to be placed in the Membership Bridge Program, call BMA Account Executive Kelly Antonou at (630) 544-5054 x154 or e-mail kantonou@marketing.org.