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UNlearn: 2009 Annual BMA Conference LIVE

Social Media at UNLearn, The 2009 Annual BMA Conference

The UNLearn 2009 Business Marketing Association conference Social Media Team will be working to provide additional learning and interaction opportunities for on-site attendees and those following the event through social media. Social Media Team members are listed below and will have their participation indicated on nametags.


Social Media Team members will be live tweeting conference events using the Twitter hashtag #bma09 (click here for a search of all conference tweets). This hashtag is open to all attendees to use in identifying conference-related comments and questions.

The Social Media Team is also using session-specific codes with #bma09 to allow you to search tweets for particular sessions. Visit the main conference Twitter page for a complete list of session codes to search and incorporate in your conference tweeting.

Blogging / Recaps

The social media team will be posting daily recaps of conference activities. Attendees who are blogging the conference are also invited to forward links to their posts for inclusion on the conference website. To see daily posted recaps, click on the links below:

Video Interviews

We'll be shooting video interviews with conference presenters and attendees, posting them on YouTube during the conference. If there are questions you'd like to ask presenters or want to be interviewed about the conference, seek out, email, or tweet a Social Media Team member using #bma09 vid.

Video links will be included on the daily conference website pages: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Recaps, Thursday, June 11, 2009 Recaps, Friday, June 12, 2009 Recaps

Social Media Team Members

UNPlanned and Other Attendee Social Media Activities

Get into the social media activities yourself by:

With the outstanding group of presenters and attendees at the conference, there are sure to be additional social media opportunities created during and after the conference. Be sure to let other attendees know about these activities by tweeting them along with the conference hashtag: #bma09.

Conference Attendee Blogging

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