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Breakout Session 8

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Kevin Clancy says marketing is making what your customers want and sales is getting rid of what you make. Tom Insprucker says marketing's job is to help sales sell more but also to persuade buyers to buy more. And, he adds, to help sales separate opportunity from distraction. However you look at marketing and sales, it's clear that marketing's role is to both guide and support sales. After all, nothing happens until a sale is made. Led by one of the world's most distinguished sales force experts, this panel will zero in how marketers can better engage sales to generate better results.


Andris Zoltners, Co-Founder and Chairman, ZS Associates; Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management; and co-author, Building A Winning Sales Force


Daniel Joyce, Global Sales & Marketing Excellence Leader, Automation and Control Solutions, Honeywell International

David Longmuir, Customer Discovery Leader, Owens Corning

Deb Oler, Vice President, U.S. Brand Business, W.W. Grainger

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