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The BMA national and local chapters continuously create valuable information resources that enable B2B marketers to maintain a sharp edge on emerging business marketing issues, strategies and tactics.

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Frost & Sullivan Growth Team Membership Marketing Priority Surveys
These two studies, one for the Americas and one for the European Union (both released in February 2010) explore the top external and internal challenges that are shaping marketing executives’ planning for 2010. Interestingly, only one of the top three external influencing factors was the same for both groups: intensifying competition. Get both studies: 
Growth Team Membership: Americas 2010 Marketing Priorities Survey Results
Growth Team Membership™: European Union 2010 Marketing Priorities Survey Results

A Direct Marketer's Secret Weapon for Building a Large and Profitable Opt-in List: The "Internet Loss Leader" Strategy
Our neighbors at the BMA New Jersey chapter offer a white paper by Bob Bly describing how “the same loss leader strategy that merchants have been using off line for decades to build their customer lists can now be profitably applied online.” Bly explains his “Internet Loss Leader Strategy for building a large and profitable e-list with loss leaders online.”
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Making B2B social media trends work for you
This newsletter article produced by the Milwaukee Chapter delves into the biggest trends in BtoB social media. Learn why social media is a rapidly growing element in the BtoB marketing communications mix, and how companies are leveraging social media to their best advantage.
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“People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”
This compelling and inspiring video of a presentation by marketing consultant Simon Sinek was hosted by the Colorado Chapter after Sinek wowed them on Feb. 9, 2011. In it, Sinek uses Apple Inc., the Wright Brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King as examples explaining why the most powerful marketing communications focuses on why an individual or organization does what it does, not what or even how. Sinek explains that people want to buy from companies who believe what they believe – and they do so for themselves. “And by the way, Dr. King gave the ‘I have a dream speech,’ not the ‘I have a plan’ speech.”
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